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MPHLMale Pattern Hair Loss
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Finasteride (Propecia) is a prescription medication that is FDA approved to treat male pattern hair loss.
A control group of 29 men who had male pattern hair loss but had never taken finasteride nor had any history of psychiatric problems were also interviewed.
A man whose father has even a minimal amount of hair loss who tests positive for the variant AR gene has over 80% chance of developing male pattern hair loss," says Andy Goren, President and CEO of HairDX.
The study looked at the reported types and duration of persistent sexual side effects in otherwise healthy men who took finasteride for male pattern hair loss," said Dr.
The study's lead author Dr Angela Christiano, professor of dermatology and genet ics and development at the university's medical centre, said: "The identification of this gene has afforded us an opportunity to gain insight into the process of hair follicle miniaturisation, most commonly observed in male pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia.
Through theses means, Banyu aims to raise awareness of AGA, male pattern hair loss.