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(3) A large corpus of medieval and early-modern tales demonstrates that even in the absence of medical sex-change technologies and hormone treatments, people have long been intrigued by the implications of male pregnancy and its subversive potential.
Radford, "Male Pregnancy," Skeptical Inquirer 31, no.
As the appendices are honest enough to demonstrate, the evidence for an early modern preoccupation with the issue, as it were, of male pregnancy is limited to two extant sources: an unpublished comical interlude, and a broadside collection of four ballads.
The first chapter, "The Useless Genitor: Fantasies of Putrefaction and Nongenealogical Birth," interprets the beliefs in spontaneous generation, parthenogenesis, male pregnancy, and women's gestation of non-human fetuses as belonging to a neurosis related to inadequate scientific explanations.
Gradually, the theoretical question of how male pregnancy might dismantle patriarchy becomes a real and dangerous experiment.
Moreover, the possibility of such a response should increase with each male fetus, because, with each male pregnancy, a mother's body has an additional opportunity to "remember" and respond to the foreign/ antigenic substance(s) produced by males.
Still, he suggests that male pregnancy might be good news for gay couples who long for children.
She identifies its practical capacity to `split the substantive', or to divide and recombine radical differences--as in the growing of rodent hearts in goats necks, or the engineering of male pregnancy, or the creation of transgenic species--as the key to understanding our age.
Male pregnancy, otherwise rare in the biological world, is ubiquitous in fishes of the family Syngnathidae and has interesting evolutionary implications.
Having journeyed with the story's pilgrims from Flowerfruit Mountain to the Cloud Palace of the Jade Emperor, then onto the Western Kingdom (India) and finally to the Thunderclap Mountain of the Western Heaven, having braved the perils of highway robbery, divine wrath and even male pregnancy, the audience (Like the characters) might have been ready for a little emptiness, formlessness and silence - but they certainly hadn't experienced any of these in the theatre.
In doing the research, Marshall found there really is a common male pregnancy experience.
The mod simply disables the gender check for Try For Baby social interactions with extended age range and enables the male pregnancy event.