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M2FMale to Female (transsexual)
M2FMail to Fax
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Some females even adjust the ratio of male to female offspring depending on the circumstances.
Afterward, authorities there allowed her to change her name and the sex on her birth certificate from male to female. Neither that document, nor her electrolysis, thermolysis, tracheal shave, hormone injections, extensive counseling, or reassignment surgery constituted femalehood for the Kansas Supreme Court.
In the Mineola Twins, Paula literally overlaps and explodes 'gender' as the characters transform from male to female. It's like seeing the theories take life onstage."
The Colorado study suggests that winter transmission of virus occurs during communal "nesting." This may help explain why brush mice, living in desert and brushland habitats with milder winters, have a higher ratio of male to female antibody-positive mice.