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MNSTMexican National Soccer Team
MNSTMalignant Nerve Sheath Tumor
MNSTMaster of Nursing Studies (various universities)
MNSTMaximum Network System Throughput
MNSTModified Nonsense Syllable Test (speech recognition)
MNSTMathematics, Natural Science and Technology (education)
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In our study, only 20% of MPNSTs demonstrated MDM2 amplification, limiting the value of MDM2 amplification testing for the separation of benign from malignant nerve sheath tumors.
NF1 is a multisystem disorder that primarily affects the skin (freckling and cafe-au-lait macules), nervous system (benign and malignant nerve sheath tumors, optic gliomas, and learning disabilities), and skeletal system (pseudoarthroses; DeBella, Szudek, & Friedman, 2000; Huson, Harper, & Compston, 1988; King, Debaun, Riccardi, & Gutmann, 2000).
Malignant nerve sheath tumors of the head and neck: A combined experience from two university hospitals.
Malignant nerve sheath tumors arise in patients with or without associated neurofibromatosis.
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