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MAMA9- (N-Methyl-Aminomethyl) Anthracene
MAMAMetadata Analysis and Mining Application
MAMAMountain Area Medical Airlift (Asheville, NC)
MAMAMothers Against Methamphetamine
MAMAMothers Against Misuse and Abuse
MAMAMadison Area Music Awards
MAMAMulti-Anode Microchannel Array
MAMAMovimento Articulado de Mulheres da Amazonia (Portuguese: Articulated Movement of Women from the Amazon)
MAMAMuseum of Ancient and Modern Art (Penn Valley, CA)
MAMAModesto Area Music Association
MAMAMothers Against Murder and Aggression
MAMAMetropolitan Atlanta Musicians Association (Atlanta, GA)
MAMAMountain Acoustic Music Association
MAMAMothers Against MSBP Allegations
MAMAmemory allocator for multithreaded architectures
MAMAMobile Automatic Message Accounting
MAMAMicro Adhesion Measurement Apparatus (contact mechanics)
MAMAMobile Area Modelers Association (Alabama)
MAMAMTV (Music Television) Africa Music Awards (est. 2008)
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com/tvshows/mama-june-from-not-to-hot/episode-6-season-2/blind-sided/1032653/) episode 6 of this season, Mama June first revealed that she had eye problems ever since she was born.
For Mama Sita, life is to be enjoyed to the fullest.
Khamas Group of Investment Companies chairman Bader Mohamed Yousuf Bukhamas said:"We are delighted to partner with an international operator such as AccorHotels for the launch of its iconic lifestyle brand Mama Shelter in the Middle East.
Pero, como no quiero creer que es ingenuo, pienso que su himno a las mamas mentirosas para este diez de mayo fue un sarcasmo o la respuesta a una necesidad economica suya y una pleitesia a los poderes facticos.
Mama, Mama, Uncle Josef wants us - will he take away all my pains?
Proud she had been an actual librarian, Mama wore a silver pencil on a tiny retractable chain.
Segundo o Ministerio da Saude (6), o termo diagnostico precoce tem por objetivo a deteccao do cancer de mama na sua fase pre-clinica.
Recently, Mama Bracelets asked their Facebook Fans to recommend their Facebook Page (a place where MB posts much of what they are doing on a daily basis) to friends and family to "like" and become fans.
9% of MAMA, said it had support from investors representing almost 34% of MAMA's shares.
Soon Mama came back holding a shiny [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED].
Carcinoma in situ El cancer de mama comienza cuando una sola celula de uno de los lobulos o de los conductos lacteos sufre alteraciones (mutaciones) y se reproduce sin control.
Le dije a mi mama en frances: "Este hombre es un impostor.