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MAMASMother Attorneys Mentoring Association of Seattle (est. 2006; Seattle, WA)
MAMASManaging Agrochemicals in Multi-Use Aquatic Systems (EC)
MAMASMid-Atlantic Microbeam Analysis Society (National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg, TN)
MAMASMary Ann Morris Animal Society, Inc. (Bamberg, SC)
MAMASMassachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science
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mama,' said Kate, raising her face again, 'you know I do.'
'About what, mama?' said Kate, who had apparently quite forgotten her diversion.
I was going to ask, mama, before you were married, had you many suitors?'
'Mama! what was that?' said Kate, in a low tone of voice.
'What do you mean, mama?' demanded Kate, in evident surprise.
'It seems designed to attract our attention, mama,' said Kate.
'Mama!' cried Kate, really terrified for the moment, 'why do you stop, why do you lose an instant?
'Dear mama,' rejoined Kate, 'don't say a word to him, but let us run away as fast as we can, and shut ourselves up till Nicholas comes home.'
'"Pray mama!" Nonsense, Kate,' said Mrs Nickleby, angrily, 'but that's just the way.
'Surely there is no necessity for you to say one word, mama?' reasoned Kate.
Very much relieved by his disappearance, Kate was turning to speak to her mama, when the dirty hands again became visible, and were immediately followed by the figure of a coarse squat man, who ascended by the steps which had been recently occupied by their singular neighbour.
'How can they be helped, mama?' said Kate, mournfully.