MAMMModern Art Music Movement (international coalition)
MAMMModified Antarctic Mapping Mission (US NASA and Canadian Space Agency)
MAMMMulti-Media Asset Management
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Mamm Genome 19(6):382-389 (2008); doi: 10.1007/ s00335-008-9135-8.
"Art is the colonizer of depressed areas par excellence, and MAMM is part of an area transformation that will be going on for the next 10 years," said Juliana Restrepo, MAMM director.
MAMM Magazine renewed a 2,500 s/f lease at 54 West 22nd Street.
The dead man's widow, Sonia Brown, said that on the morning of October 20 last year, she heard a voice calling `` Mamm y.
I brought every Jordan book I owned at the time, which--after prompting me gently for my name, which I forgot overawed in her presence--she signed simply, "in faith." Later, in 1999, I profiled her for MAMM, a magazine dedicated to raising awareness and finding a cure for breast cancer.
The RADARSAT-MAMM Automated Mission Planner by Benjamin Smith, Barbara Engelhardt, and Darren Mutz (2) describes the deployment of the Automated Scheduling and Planning Environment at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to automate mission planning for the Modified Antarctic Mapping Mission (MAMM) (3) in fall 2000.
There are roughly hundreds of websites devoted to it, not to mention newsletters, support groups, a whole genre of first-person breast-cancer books; even a glossy, upper-middle-brow, monthly magazine, Mamm. There are four major national breast-cancer organizations, of which the mightiest, in financial terms, is The Susan G.
Rochman is editor at large for HIV Plus and a contributing editor at Mamm.
That story centered on a feature article on the abortion/breast cancer link in the March issue of MAMM magazine, a very prominent lay publication in the breast cancer world.