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* Centrally manages message mapping and transformations, reducing errors and the number of man hours required to implement changes;
Antrim says that a navigation software program can cost up to a million dollars because of the high volume of man hours required to program the system.
"The ease of installation, use and stability of OpenLinux Server managed by Volution significantly reduces the man hours required to manage our servers.
Construction, using Temcor's unique and efficient centre tower erection method, began July and was expected to be completed in just 13 weeks -- on average, a Temcor dome is assembled using one third the man hours required for conventional construction.
Data from the work orders, such as type of service, materials needed, and man hours required, is compiled at the end of each month to help identify operational trends and track service costs.
That was until 1992, when a group of retired aircraft mechanics based in Interlaken began putting in the more than 10,000 man hours required to make the aircraft ready for flight once again.
But the key to a successful maintenance plan is a regular routine, which will reduce the overall amount of man hours required.
The CA+ Revenue Calculation and Billing Module will allow KAA to automate the calculation of revenues due and then integrate with their SAP ERP system for billing purposes, drastically reducing the man hours required to invoice concessions.
Expression of interest are invited for leading/renowned Industrial Consultants having extensive experience m handling job of Industrial Engineering, operation research, Production Planning & Control activities of manufacturing unit/plant to conduct time & motion study to work out man hours required to complete the production activities
? a number of man hours required for implementation in order to accelerate migration from the current network infrastructure;
He added, One of the areas of noticeable improvement is a considerable reduction in the man hours required to manually populate details of inspections performed into the Ex register.
The costs however associated with fixing and finishing the product are significant due to the man hours required to complete this process.