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MBEMolecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford Journals)
MBEMolecular Beam Epitaxy
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MBEMinimum Block Encoder
MBEManotick Brass Ensemble (Manotick, Ontario, Canada)
MBEModular Binary Exponentiation
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Table 3 shows mean difference on the scores of Management by Exception between public and private sector teachers.
Teachers' experience was also found positively correlated with teachers' perception of Idealized Influence Behavior (IIB) (pless than .01) Contingent Reward (CR) (pless than .01), Individual Consideration(IC) (pless than .05) and Management by Exception Active (MBEA) (pless than .05).
Interestingly, attributes associated with transformational leadership styles (idealized influence (attributes) and intellectual stimulation) explain lower numerical outcomes in student's course/project assessments; while an attribute associated with transactional leadership styles (management by exception: active) is associated with increases in a student's numerical score.
(2) Contingent reward and active management by exception loaded on the same factor--labeled transactional leadership--, explaining 24.84% of the variance (eigenvalue = 4.72; Cronbach's alpha = .92).
Hypothesis 5: Leadership style following the dimension of management by exception (active) relates positively to affective commitment.
The model results showed that the subdimensions labeled as management by exception (active) and management by exception (passive) made no significant contribution to the leadership scale, and that these two subdimensions disturbed the harmony of the model.
There are two factors of "management by exception": active and passive, When active, the leader monitors to safeguard against mistakes and allows the status quo to exist without being changed.
Active management by exception is not compatible with a sense of autonomy in followers (it is rather incompatible with a feeling of competence at work), is more task than relation oriented, and is more negatively perceived than transformational leadership behaviors.
Whereas the contingent reward has significant and positive relationship with motivation while management by exception active and passive have significant and negative relationship with motivation.
Management by exception is the philosophy of only reviewing deviations from established policies.
This information will be available in real time and managers will be able to react quickly to the unexpected reinforcing the concept of management by exception.
Thanks to 'management by exception', problems get most of the attention: what has gone wrong and needs to be fixed?
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