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MANCOManagement Committee
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The bank has named R Martin Chavez to its management committee. Chavez runs the equity-trading business with Michael D Daffey and Paul M Russo, and is a director of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.
The management committee collected enough tokens during Wish 11 for a total of PS110.27 to be donated to their group.
The elections for the members of the management committee of Salalah and Sohar schools will be held on June 6.
The president and five management committee members will be separately elected by the members.
The volunteers will be selected based on their level of interest and commitment as well as their capabilities, provided they meet the general conditions proposed by the Election Management Committee.
SYLVIA HARRISON, Chair, Felton Village Hall Management Committee, Felton, Northumberland
I have, as chair, been in contact with Ian Miller recently and wish to indicate that there will be follow up meetings between Denbighshire Officers and this management committee following some of the issues referred to in this editorial to ensure this working-together approach will continue.
It reads: "In view of the information revealed at the end of season meeting at Sefton Park CC, this meeting considers that the management committee were in error in deeming eligible one player from New Brighton CC for whom no evidence has been presented.
A Leinster branch statement read: "The management committee welcomed the fact that there is an imminent meeting between Wanderers and the IRFU which they hope will lead to a speedy conclusion of all outstanding matters - particularly the issues of the stadium project and international tickets."
However, a BANF spokesman said: 'The BANF management committee has decided not to issue the manager of BANF, Mick Rice, with a further contract following the completion of his current 12-month fixed term contract on August 31 2005.'
Time Management: "We schedule Monday morning Management Committee meetings to set priorities among senior management members to coordinate and integrate the priorities with each key discipline involved to ensure maximum productivity of the company's resources."
FA of Wales President Des Shanklin stunned fellow council members by standing down as chairman of the powerful management committee.
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