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All I can do is hope the chances fall for me in the next couple of matches, I can take them and that the Scotland manager notices before he names the squad.
Perhaps the contract manager notices that documents or approvals are being routed inefficiently and that steps can be eliminated or tasks reassigned to make processing more efficient.
I've told him that the first thing a manager notices is that there is no breathing space in England.
When a manager notices a pattern of bad habits, it is important to find the "hidden rewards," such as inadequate reprimands for poor work, that allow the behavior to continue.
After looking at the trial balance, the finance manager notices that current assets are $1,000,000 and current liabilities are $750,000.
If a manager notices an associate doing a particularly good job relating to a customer, the employee may be given a prize, such as a free product from the deli.
We are not in a position like City or Chelsea where the manager notices they are a little bit short and just goes bang, bang, two new signings.
That's a confidence boost that the manager notices these things.
This will be my first whole season full-time and I've really worked hard in training to make sure the manager notices me.