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Having a strategy for managing your time isn't just about organizing your calendar.
"If you don't have a strategy for managing your time, you procrastinate, you don't get things done and you could actually end up failing.
On the other hand, if you are managing your time well, you are more likely to think about the big picture, set goals for your business, and then achieve them.
"As a professional athlete and motivational speaker, I've come to realize that managing your time is very important.
The key to managing your time is to pay close attention to your priorities.
* The busier you are, the more important it is to invest time in managing your time.
The first step for managing your time is to complete the sentence, "I want to manage my time well in order to...." You need to know why you want to manage your time before you can ever hope to do it.
Finally, in managing your time, make sure you give yourself time to "just be." You should set aside time to watch the sunset, go out, or spend a couple of hours of uninterrupted time thinking about the broad range of issues facing you or your business.