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M/CRManchester (UK)
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His football museum had but one equal, that of Mr Jacob Dodson, of Manchester.
The months sped by; the Cup-ties began, and soon it was evident that the Final must be fought out between Houndsditch Wednesday and Mr Jacob Dodson's pet team, Manchester United.
McArdle, a lawyer, and Judge Myron Veigh, of the State Militia, were driving from Booneville to Manchester.
Is there no retired schoolmaster or man of letters in Manchester with whom she could read Persian?
When my father started for himself, there were many men in Manchester who were willing to labor in this way, but they had no factory to work in, no machinery to work with, and no raw cotton to work on, simply because all this indispensable plant, and the materials for producing a fresh supply of it, had been appropriated by earlier comers.
I don't know what the number is,' said Tom; 'but Manchester Buildings isn't a large place; and if the worst comes to the worst it won't take you very long to knock at all the doors on both sides of the way till you find him out.
I hear it was a sultry day in town, but at Manchester we got the storm, and the ground was under water in ten minutes.
His return to London--he visited and hovered over Manchester and Liverpool and Oxford on his way, and spelt his name out to each place--was an occasion of unparalleled excitement.
Although they get their ploughs from Manchester, they make their coats from their own sheep, their silk from their own worms, and their furniture from their own cedar trees, so that in arts and industries the place is still much where it was in Elizabethan days.
I heard of him in Manchester and Sheffield, Newcastle and Leicester, absolutely unattended.
Madame Selarne has promised to give us an outline of the new play which she is producing in Manchester.
I may add that I am well acquainted with our manufacturing towns in England, and have visited many mills in Manchester and elsewhere in the same manner.