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The Mandatory Health Insurance Fund is changing the quality assurance system for health care services and switches to the result-based bonus system.
Mandatory Health Insurance Fund annually allocates some 200 mln som to provide insured citizens with medicines
At the moment, the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund implements two major programs: program of the state guarantees and additional program to provide insured citizens with medicines.
Currently, medication for children with hemophilia under 16 years old is purchased with the help of the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund. However the state also should pay attention to adult patients with hemophilia, he noted.
Results of the audits held by the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund (MHIF) of Kyrgyzstan in 2013 detected violations in 75 health care organizations for 60.936 million som.
The undersigned joint statement expresses the partnership between the Kyrgyz Government (represented by the Ministry of Health, the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund and the Ministry of Finance), and Development Partners in the health sector to support the National Health Strategy "Den Sooluk", the Swiss Cooperation Office said.
Charge, distribution and payment of insurance premiums for the funds for employed entrepreneurs and employees are conducted in the following order: 1) For employers - 6% on a monthly basis, calculated from 20% of wages prevailing in the district (city); The distribution of insurance premiums for the funds is as follows: Pension Fund - 4.75% Mandatory Health Insurance Fund - 1% Employees Welfare Fund - 0.25% 2) For employees - 6% on a monthly basis, calculated from 40% of the average monthly wage.
Nedim Jaganjac listed the other major issues of health policy: maintaining mechanisms of storage and maintenance of the principle of solidarity - all funds in the Single Payer; MHIF yet will remain independent legal entity and there is a clear need to allocate roles, boundaries, coordination between the MOH and Mandatory Health Insurance Fund. There should be a permanent strengthening of the provider payment and the continuation of the results.
The Mandatory Health Insurance Fund will be transformed into the Health Insurance Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic according to the amendments passed by the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan on January 15.These amendments were developed within overall health care system reforms in order to accumulate health care sector funds at the national level, to form the public health budget on a program basis, to separate responsibilities for financing health care services.The amendments will help optimize financial flows and improve efficient public spending.
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