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MEPSMedical Expenditure Panel Survey
MEPSMinimum Energy Performance Standards (Australia & New Zealand)
MEPSMilitary Entrance Processing Station
MEPSMandatory Minimum Energy Performance Standards (various locations)
MEPSMalaysian Electronic Payment System
MEPSMember of the Emergency Planning Society (UK)
MEPSMilitary Enlistment Processing Station
MEPSMultilanguage Electronic Phototypesetting System
MEPSMechanical Electrical Plumbing Structural (construction)
MEPSModification Engineering Program Status
MEPSMicrogravity Encapsulation Process System
MEPSMessage Editing and Preparation Service
MEPSMobile Emergency Psychiatric Services
MEPSMobile Electric Power System
MEPSManagement Engineering and Production Services (UK Consultancy Steel Company)
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