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MANETMobile Ad Hoc Network (computing)
MANETMaharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training (India)
MANETMobile Adhoc Network
MANETMissings Are Now Equally Treated (software)
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In this section, a method is proposed to characterize the efficient routing path in MANET based on the neutrosophic technique using energy and distance.
Energy efficient routing protocol for MANET. International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI), 9(2).
[4] propose an optimal routing mechanism for air tasking order by means of the dynamic MANET routing protocol.
Morisot's most profound relationship with a model was with her daughter Julie Manet, whom she first painted in early babyhood with her wet nurse, through canvas after canvas of Julie in her childhood, sitting with her father or the nanny in the garden, looking out windows, playing--the violin, up until a final portrait, when Julie was 16.
In Not Manet's Type, Weems references these specific archetypes by referencing infamous Modernists that chose to depict Black women in these ways.
Manet never specifically intended to create revolutionary art, but he was disposed to create art that expressed precisely his class at that juncture in history.
The optimized link state routing (OLSR) protocol [15] is proactive protocol for MANET that uses the link state routing protocol as the base.
Routing protocols in MANET possess distinguished properties and characteristic almost the way they exchange information and establish communication.
Keerthipriya and Latha [26] have presented an adaptive cluster formation in MANET using particle swarm optimization (A-PSO).
Patidar, "Performance Evaluation of Table Driven Multipath Routing Protocols in MANET under varying Nodes, Traffic load & Pause time," Performance Evaluation, vol.