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M/BManifested By (health care diagnosis)
M/BMedium Bomber (US Navy)
M/BMaintenance Bulletin
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Great interest, of course, was manifested by all present, during this operation.
(preacher to the Papal household) reminds us that in the time leading up to Vatican II the charisms were only expected to be manifested by the saints.
This article describes a case of one such complication--sigmoid sinus thrombosis--that was manifested by a contralateral abducens palsy.
In 1931, Symonds suggested the term otitic hydrocephalus to describe a syndrome that featured an increase in intracranial pressure (manifested by headache, vomiting, and papilledema) without abscess formation in association with otitis media.
While rehabilitation professionals must conform to specific needs manifested by a variety of clients, they can nevertheless use such a model to structure their effort.
The two most important types of problems are uneven layer thickness across the width of multilayer fims, and interfacial flow instability, manifested by poor optical properties and/or poor appearance.