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MHLMarshall (Amtrak station code, Marshall, TX)
MHLMarshall Islands (ISO Country code)
MHLMicroprocessor Host Loader
MHLMobile High-Definition Link (telecommunications)
MHLManual Handling of Loads
MHLMental Hygiene Law (New York state)
MHLMiller High Life (beer)
MHLMaster of Hebrew Literature (degree)
MHLMountain Home Lodge (Leavenworth, WA)
MHLMental Health Line (New Zealand)
MHLMike's Hard Lemonade
MHLMorgan H Lewis (Estate Agency, Wigan,United Kingdom)
MHLMalaysia Hockey League
MHLMoshi Moshi Hotline (Japanese Telemarketing Company)
MHLMaster's in Health Law (degree)
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Musculoskeletal disorders are indeed covered by several texts on specific workplace risks (1990 Directives on manual handling of loads and on screens, 2002 Directive on physical agents and vibrations).
Or compare the cost of a dock lift with the cost of a single disabling injury resulting from manual handling of loads intended for lift trucks.
Article 3(1) of the manual handling of loads Directive (90/269/EEC) requires employers to avoid asking employees to handle loads manually.