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MKMichael Kors (designing)
MKMagic Kingdom (Disney)
MKMary Kay (cosmetics company)
MKMortal Kombat
MKMario Kart (video game)
MKMilton Keynes
MKMaintenance Kit (various companies)
MKMonkey King (film)
MKMushroom Kingdom (Mario video games)
MKMark Knopfler (singer/songwriter)
MKMein Kampf (German: My Struggle)
MKMaster Key
MKMuthuvel Karunanidhi (Indian politician)
MKMahkamah Konstitusi (Indonesia)
MKUmkhonto We Sizwe (Afrikaans-Spear of the Nation, South African Black Underground Movement)
MKUmkhonto We Sizwe (Spear of the Nation)
MKMechanical Keyboards, Inc. (Fairview, TN)
MKMember of Knesset (Israeli Parliament)
MKMacedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of) (ISO Country Identifier)
MKAir Mauritius (IATA airline code)
MKMountain King (gaming)
MKMorrison Knudsen
MKMong Kok (Hong Kong)
MKMichelle Kwan (figure skater)
MKMarvel Knights (comic)
MKMissionary Kid
MKMercy Killing
MKMebyon Kernow (Cornish Nationalist Party)
MKMount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania, Africa)
MKMenkes Disease
MKMagyar Köztársaság (Republic of Hungary)
MKMachinery Technician (US Coast Guard Rating)
MKMaschinenkanone (German: machine cannon)
MKMarburger Konvent (federation German fraternities)
MKMontreal Kosher
MKManufacturing Knowledge
MKManual Keying
MKMystic Kingdom (online gaming)
MKMetre Kelvin (thermal conductivity watt per metre Kelvin)
MKMulty Kontact (UK plug and socket manufacturer)
MKM-M-M-M-Monster Kill (Unreal Tournament)
MKMonk Killers (gaming clan)
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Deployed either as a mobile app, an HTML5 page or as a web service, Mobicheque automatically reads the check number and amount without any manual keying.
The new solution streamlines and automates error-prone manual keying as well as discrepancy handling of incoming invoices, eliminating errors and achieving greater visibility into accrued liabilities and invoice payment status.
Any paper form or document including invoices, remittances, and checks can be automatically sorted, routed, and processed with full data capture without the need for manual keying or templates.
When used to logon to any networked computer, the cards fill in each identity field automatically, so no manual keying is required, and they only provide access to role-appropriate tasks, protecting patient confidentiality and complying with federal privacy laws.
The new system is designed to eliminate the need for manual keying of supplier invoices in accounting departments.
Then, without any manual keying, all pertinent data is located and extracted directly on the handset - without any data connection or Wi-Fi.
We also wanted to show the core HR and finance users how we could replace the manual keying in of data and printing of forms with a Web-based system and an e-form that would go into the system automatically.
Columnar data traditionally requires manual keying due to its complexity - a costly and error prone process," said Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA President & Chairman of the Board.