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MWCUManly Warringah Credit Union (Australia)
MWCUManual Wheelchair User
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5 million of them are manual wheelchair users (MWUs) [10-11].
HERL = Human Engineering Research Laboratories, MWU = manual wheelchair user, NVWG = National Veterans Wheelchair Games, SCI = spinal cord injury.
Comparison of manual wheelchair user parameter satisfaction and global satisfaction (n = 132).
This measured maximum angular acceleration was intended to serve as a representative maximum turning acceleration likely to be experienced by a manual wheelchair user during quotidian use.
Many manual wheelchair users (MWUs) experience upper-limb pain and injuries that interfere with essential activities of daily living involving wheelchair propulsion and transfer [1].
This study asked for feedback not only from manual wheelchair users but also individuals with power wheelchairs and scooters.
In a survey of manual wheelchair users, just 39% propelled with the handrims only, 54% gripped the tire and rim together, and 7% used only the tire.
Fliess-Douer O, Vanlandewijck YC, Lubel Manor G, van der Woude LH (2010) A systematic review of wheelchair skills tests for manual wheelchair users with spinal cord injury: towards a standardized outcome measure.
Glenohumeral joint effusion with thickening of the bicipitis longus tendon sheath was noted in 27% of manual wheelchair users.
In a recent study, 11 manual wheelchair users who received a TAI score less than 7.
All day Saturday and Sunday morning is for manual wheelchair users.