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MMLMichigan Municipal League
MMLMade Me Laugh (chat)
MMLMakes Me Laugh
MMLMidland Mainline (British train company)
MMLModern and Medieval Languages
MMLMayo Medical Laboratories
MMLMaterial Measurement Laboratory (US National Institute of Standards and Technology)
MMLMulti Media Laboratory
MMLMan to Machine Language
MMLMarginal Maximum Likelihood
MMLMarx Memorial Library (UK)
MMLMethod of Maximum Likelihood (scientific modeling)
MMLMultimedia Library
MMLMinimum Message Length
MMLMathematical Markup Language
MMLMan Machine Language
MMLMote Marine Laboratory
MMLMinnie's Melody Land (cartoons)
MMLManual of Military Law
MMLMusic Macro Language
MMLMott MacDonald Ltd
MMLMaster Materials License (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
MMLMobile Markup Language
MMLMaker Markup Language (Adobe FrameMaker)
MMLMultimedia Laboratory (University of Zurich)
MMLMega Man Legends (video game)
MMLMillion Man Lan (gaming event)
MMLMutant Mouse Line
MMLMickey Mouse Logic
MMLMedia Markup Language
MMLMurata Machinery, Ltd. (Japan)
MMLMarathon Markup Language
MMLMaster Medical Law (UK)
MMLMason Media Lab (George Mason University; Virginia)
MMLMusic Masters Live (record label)
MMLMaster Materials List
MMLMaster Measurement List
MMLMystara Mailing List (Dungeons & Dragons)
MMLMarlboro Menthol Lights
MMLMusic and Media Licensing
MMLMaster Mission Library
MMLMind Machine Lab (Udaipur, India)
MMLManagement Modem Line
MMLMessage Management Letter
MMLMobile Man Lift (Lift-a-Loft Corporation)
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While the Manual of Military Law laid down procedures for these, ignorance of the rules, operational necessity or often a perceived need to "make an example" meant that they were not always followed.
In the UK, the roles and responsibilities of the military are shaped by the principle that maintaining law and order, under the authority of the civil state, is a matter for the civil police; 'The primary obligation for the preservation of order and for the suppression of disturbance rests with the civil authority' (Manual of Military Law 1968, paras.
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