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MAPEMean Absolute Percentage Error
MAPEMinnesota Association of Professional Employees
MAPEMicrowave, Antenna, Propagation, and EMC Technologies for Wireless Communications (IEEE International Symposium)
MAPEMultinational Advisory Police Element (UN - Albania)
MAPEMonitor, Analyze, Plan, and Execute (Air Force Doctrine Center)
MAPEMicrocomputers and Primary Education
MAPEMusic, Arts, Physical Education
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The smaller the MAPE, the better the forecasts," Chua said.
In order to forecasting ARIMA model, the mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) is a useful measure for comparing the accuracy of forecast.
Table 2 is a more summarized form of the results, indicating that the best value for the MAPE is achieved when AR(1) is mixed with the average annual price, while the best value for the Max.APE is achieved when AR (1) is combined with both economic factors.
Sum squared error (SSE) and mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) were used as the two performance criteria.
The court heard that over five years, Mape, of Upton Way in Handforth, near Wilmslow, downloaded 848 indecent images and videos of young children.
The primary outcome variables were serum cortisol levels, which were used to predict MAPE (ETI in the ED, admission to the ICU, and in-hospital all-cause mortality).
The result of the predictive model was judged by the mean absolute error percentage (MAPE), as shown in Figure 8.
Two common statistical metrics, root-mean-square error (RMSE) and MAPE, are used to evaluate the performance of the forecasting models (Table 1) by comparing the deviation between the real and forecast values.
where [w.sub.i] is the weight for the [] MOP; [z.sub.i] is the performance indicator of the [] MOP (e.g., MAPE of queue length); X is the vector of parameters to be calibrated.
Mr Mape said the use of traffic lights could prevent such issues occurring.
MAPE = [[summation].sup.N.sub.i=1] ([absolute value of ([Yest.sub.i] - [Yobs.sub.i]/[Yobs.sub.i])] x 100)/N (4)