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Margi Clarke - best known as Tyrone Dobbs' ex-convict mum Jackie in Coronation Street - has entered the building.
The children were encouraged to have their say on issues raised by Peter and Margi. In addition to presenting whale tributes, through pictures and poems that supported the campaign for a South Pacific Whale Sanctuary, children were also invited to participate in an on-line chat session via ninemsn, also organised by Microsoft Encarta.
MARGI Systems offers customization of DVD-to-Go, for special corporate needs.
Margi, mum to grown-up daughter Rowan, added: "I used to be a barmaid so it's a bit like getting back on a bike - you never really forget how to ride it.
The performance at Rhyl will hold special memories for Margi.
Margi Clarke Love life: Either there's currently no one of importance in Clarke's life, or she's playing her romantic cards very close to her chest.
Margi is a member of the Shas party, whose constituency is mainly Sephardic, but he has spoken out for the right of "our Ashkenazi brothers" to enjoy the fur hats and coats many ultra-Orthodox sects traditionally wear.
It will be mother-of-two Jessica's first brush with the red carpet ( she was plucked from relative obscurity to take one of the leading roles, checkout girl Donna, who has designs on Margi Clarke's son, played by Daymon Britton.
WELCOME ABOARD: Wendy Yavuz, (left) and Margi Bayliss-Stranks (right) are welcomed to West Orchards by shopping centre manager Ann-Marie Mitchell
But thanks for asking."WHAT on earth has newly brunette MARGI CLARKE done to herself in Family Affairs?
`Saving the wild places for the wild things' is how Margi Prideaux, ACF's new Biodiversity Campaign Coordinator, has committed her life.