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MJMichael Jackson (entertainer)
MJMichael Jordan
MJMagic Johnson
MJMary-Jane (slang for marijuana)
MJMary Jane (Watson/Watson-Parker; Spiderman character)
MJMint Julep (drink)
MJMick Jagger (Rolling Stones member)
MJMinisterio da Justica (Brazil)
MJMetal Jacket
MJMah-Jong (game)
MJMechanical Joint
MJMagic Jack
MJMichael Johnson (Olympic sprinter)
MJMonster Jam
MJMilitary Justice
MJMethyl Jasmonate
MJMilitary Judge
MJMinecraft Joules (energy unit; Buildcraft machines)
MJMara Jade (Star Wars character)
MJMark Joyner (internet marketing)
MJModular Jack
MJMunicipal Journal
MJMango Juice
MJMaître du Jeu (French: Game Master)
MJMaster Jack (slang for Master Corporal, Canadian Forces)
MJMaster of Jurisprudence
MJMilitary Jurisdiction
MJMerge Join
MJMark Jindrak (wrestler)
MJMaster in Journalism
MJMadame Josephine (Australia)
MJManitoba Judgments
MJMinisterul Justiþiei (Romania)
MJMale Joint (decision makers)
MJMucho Joviality
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As excitement grew, Sith Lord Kylo Ren stalked the queue posing for pictures along with Star Wars universe character, Mara Jade - better known as Karen Daley.
The multiple books and comics that were released after the movies have been deemed non-canon, so the villains from the novels and fan favourite characters like Jacen Solo and Mara Jade may never be seen in the movies.
St Thomas More School pupil Mara Jade said: "I've really enjoyed it.
Fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels and graphic novels are hopeful for the film debut of character Mara Jade, who uses the force and wound up marrying Luke Skywalker, despite the chronology of those stories now not being canon.
Throw in Mara Jade, the Emperor's Hand, along with a rogue group of renegade dogooding stormtroopers and it adds up to a good - but certainly not great - intergalactic yarn.