MARBAMid-America Regional Bargaining Association
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Estos resultados estan en linea con los de otras investigaciones utilizando metodologias indagativas (Martinez y Varela, 2009; Ferres, Marba y Sanmarti, 2015).
Marba police launched the investigation after it received information into the disappearance of a 38-year-old Nepalese national from a company.
7 million worth projects MUSCAT The Tender Board yesterday awarded projects worth RO 33,741,039 including dualisation of Aqbat-Al Rustaq road, construction of Rustaq Gate, dualisation of Al Iraqi Road near the wali s office to Al Marba roundabout, dualisation of the road from Al Iraqi roundabout to Wadi Al Sahttan crossroad, through Rustaq Maskan road in the Governorate of South Al Batinah (RO 27,706,329).
Play a fundamental role as nursery and refuge for fish and other marine species (Verweij, Nagelkerken, De Graaff, Peeters, Bakker, & Van der Velde, 2006; Heck Hays & Orth, 2003), enhance diversity (Casares & Creed, 2008), are a source of food for endangered species (Cuevas, Liceaga-Correa, & Garduno-Andrade, 2007), and serve as a major sink for atmospheric carbon, capturing up to 112Tg/y (Nellemann, Corcoran, Duarte, Valdes, de Young, & Fonseca, 2009; Duarte, Marba, Gacia, Fourqurean, Beggins, & Barron, 2010; Kennedy, Beggins, Duarte, Fourqurean, Holmer, & Marba, 2010; Russell, Connell, Uthicke, Muehllehner, Fabricius, & Hall-Spencer, 2013).
Lima MCMP, Marba ST, Rossi TRF, Francozo MFC, Silva ABP, Lima GML.
En octubre de 2004, la empresa Marba cobro 159 mil 482 pesos a la Presidencia de la Republica por cambiar la canceleria, colocar persianas horizontales, instalar falsos plafones y readaptar completamente la planta alta de la casa donde despachaba Marta Sahagun.
In general, seagrass habitats are often distributed as a mosaic of vegetated cover interspersed with varying degrees of unvegetated sediments (see Larkum and den Hartog, 1989, Robbins and Bell, 1994, Marba and Duarte, 1995).
He said the SWCC has also completed its water desalination plant in Marba, which has a capacity to handle 50,000 cubic meters a day.