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In June, NIH officials said an experimental vaccine to prevent outbreaks of Marburg hemorrhagic fever is showing promise in monkeys as an emergency treatment for accidental exposure to the virus that causes the disease.
Marburg hemorrhagic fever (MHF) is a rare viral hemorrhagic fever caused by Marburg virus (a filovirus in the same family as Ebola virus), which is endemic in tropical areas of Africa and likely is maintained in nature by cave-dwelling bats.
Marburg hemorrhagic fever. Accessed November 7, 2001.
To the Editor: A serosurvey was conducted in Durba, a mining village near Watsa, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the epicenter of Marburg hemorrhagic fever (MHF) outbreaks in 1994 and 1998-2000 (1-3).
We conducted two antibody surveys to assess risk factors for Marburg hemorrhagic fever in an area of confirmed Marburg virus transmission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Symptoms in 121 household and community contacts within 4 weeks after exposure to a Marburg hemorrhagic fever patient, Watsa Subdistrict, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2002 No.
Geographic potential for outbreaks of Marburg hemorrhagic fever. Am J Trop Med Hyg.
Paweska, * on behalf of the International Scientific and Technical Committee for Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever Control in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
The outbreak of Marburg hemorrhagic fever in Angola from October 2004 through July 2005 was the first outbreak in an African urban setting and the most lethal (374 cases, CFR 88%) (9,13).