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MDMaryland (US postal abbreviation)
MDMuscular Dystrophy
MDMedicinae Doctor (Doctor of Medicine)
MDMedical Director
MDMedical Doctor
MDMajor Depression
MDMedical Department
MDMode (DSC)
MDMissing Data (statistics)
MDMini Disc
MDMaster's Degree
MDMarketing Director
MDManagement Division
MDMother's Day
MDManaging Director
MDMemorial Day
MDMolecular Dynamics
MDMoldova (ISO country identifier)
MDMason-Dixon (Civil War era boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland)
MDMusic Director
MDMessage Digest
MDMass Destruction
MDMagdeburg (German license plate code)
MDMandatory (band)
MDMotor Drive
MDModern Drummer (magazine)
MDMachine Direction
MDMega Drive (Sega)
MDMiles Davis
MDMacular Degeneration
MDMusic Department
MDMissile Defense
MDMendoza (Argentina province, airline code)
MDMetal Detector
MDMiami-Dade (Miami-Dade County, Fl)
MDMusical Director
MDMicroarray Data (genes)
MDManic Depression
MDMotion Detection (photography)
MDMultiple Data
MDMilitary District
MDManagement Directive
MDMichael Douglas
MDMandarina Duck
MDMatt Damon (actor)
MDMultiple Description
MDMountain Dew
MDMegadeth (band)
MDMetropolitan District (UK)
MDMeningococcal Disease
MDMultiple Disabilities
MDMountain Division
MDMulti-Destination (Sprint)
MDModel Design
MDDuration Magnitude (US Geological Survey; used to compute earthquake size based on shake time)
MDMini Disk
MDMail Drop
MDMillennium Declaration
MDMagnum Dynalab (musical equipment; various locations)
MDMachine Dependent
MDMain Deck
MDAir Madagascar (IATA airline code)
MDMinimum Distance (algorithm)
MDMouth Dissoving (medical tablet)
MDMulti-Center Double-Blind (clinical study)
MDMadhuri Dixit (Indian actress)
MDMobile Doll (Direct Operational Lead; gaming)
MDMillion Dead (band)
MDManagement Domain
MDMake Directory (MS-DOS command)
MDMando Diao (band)
MDMaterials Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
MDMonochrome Display
MDMagnetic Disk
MDMucosal Disease (bovine viral disease)
MDMean Deviation
MDMediator Dei (Latin: Mediator of God)
MDMission Data
MDMeasured Depth (oil and gas)
MDMarek's Disease (chicken virus)
MDMortgage Deed
MDMain Droite (accoridion, right hand side)
MDMetadata Database
MDMentally Deficient
MDMaster of Disaster
MDMandatory Death (band)
MDMean Diffusivity
MDMission Duration
MDMail Destination
MDMaximum Demand
MDMudug (postal region, Somalia)
MDMiddle Dutch
MDMaster Document
MDMagistratsdirektion (German: municipality directorate)
MDMighty Dog (dog food)
MDMonths After Date
MDMinor Defect
MDMister Donut (restaurant)
MDMembrane Distillation
MDMateriel Development
MDMogen David (wine)
MDManufacture Discontinued (AT&T)
MDMeter Dose (inhaler devices)
MDMagical Drop (SNK game)
MDMass Driver (Gundam seed anime)
MDMilestone Decision
MDModulation Depth
MDMorphologic Diagnosis (histopathology)
MDMediation Device
MDMaritime Division
MDMillidarcy (measure of permeability)
MDMaintenance Diagnostic
MDMine Disposal
MDMechanized Division
MDMicrowave Drying
MDMunitions Dump
MDMultivariate Distribution
MDMessenger Discovery
MDMonocular Deprivation
MDMateriel Developer
MDManning Document
MDMatrix Diagram (Sprint - Quality)
MDMissionary Department
MDMiller Draft
MDMuy Deficiente (Spanish educational grade/mark)
MDMeasurement Difference
MDManufacturer Defined
MDModernization Division (Forecast Systems Laboratory, NOAA)
MDMotorized Damper (HVAC drawings)
MDManoeuvre Demand
MDModule Designer (gaming)
MDMinistria e Drejtësisë (Ministry of Justice, Albania)
MDMachinery Damage (insurance)
MDMean Downtime
MDMega Day
MDMeasurable Development (Northern Vantage, Inc.)
MDMaintenance Drop
MDMaintainability Demonstration
MDMeasurements/Drilling Log (energy production)
MDMine Disc (gaming)
MDMovement Directive
MDManipulative Deception
MDMicrophone Doctor
MDMaterial Defender (Descent game series)
MDMethodology Deliverable
MDModificador Directo (Spanish grammar)
MDMeridian Day
MDMill Desk (Home Depot)
MDMiddle Danish
MDMunicipal Docks Railway (of the Jacksonville Port Authority)
MDMnemonic Debugger (firmware-level diagnostic environment used in Apollo Computers)
MDMarshalled Deployability
MDMicrowave Denitrification
MDModerator Detritiation
MDMetropolitan Dairies
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In this study, the researchers present the results of a series of experiments involving chickens and Marek's disease.
This paper reviews the three viral diseases that most commonly induce IS or subclinical IS in chickens: Marek's disease virus (MDV), chicken infectious anemia virus (CIAV), and infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), as well as the interactions among them.
We have demonstrated that these cells may be involved in the pathogenesis of an economically important infectious disease called "Marek's disease" in chickens.
Davison recommends choosing to vaccinate for Marek's disease. "The only vaccine I would do would be the Marek's vaccine.
HVT proved to be an excellent candidate for vector since it (i) confers long-term immunity due to its persistence in the host, (ii) has excellent safety characteristics, (iii) provides good protection when administered at hatch or in ovo, (iv) overcomes MDA, (v) can be used in validated combinations with certain other Marek's disease vaccines of other serotypes (e.g., [8, 9]), and (vi) may provide possibility to apply the DIVA strategy [10].
For example, 79 miRNAs that showed distinct expressions between marek's disease virus infected-chicken splenic tumors and non-tumorous spleen tissues were identified by microarray [11].
(2008) Marek's disease vaccines: a solution for today but a worry for tomorrow?
One of the latest tools developed by scientists at the Agricultural Research Service's Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory (ADOL) in East Lansing, Michigan, is a modified polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to detect unique genetic sequences of both Marek's disease and avian reticuloendotheliosis viruses in various tissues from chickens.
Among such vaccines that are in the market, according to FAO, are the gene-deleted bovine herpesvirus 1 (BoHV-1) for cattle or viral vector vaccines against poultry diseases such as Marek's Disease, Fowl Pox and Gumboro or against West Nile virus (WNV) in horses.
Marek's disease, which was included in the hemolymphatic system, accounted for 492 cases, 13.3% of the total.
The differential diagnosis of lymphoid leucosis and Marek's disease in chicken is usually made on a number of factors which include age, incidence, clinical signs, macroscopic observation and histology (Purchase and Burmester, 1978; Wadsworth et al., 1981).
Immunization of chickens against IBD using a vector that in vivo expresses VP2 has been previously reported using an avian herpesvirus vector [20], a fowlpox virus vector [17], a fowl adenovirus vector [10] and a Marek's disease virus vector [19].