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An iron fist of a read, Margin of Victory is generally coherent and supported by ample and relevant evidence; however, Macgregor does not always choose the best historical examples to support his main points, and he sometimes strays into unsupported commentary on previous national policy and unnecessary declaratives.
The margin of victory was nearly four minutes over Jarrow's Angela Hunter with Elswick veteran Yamuna Thiru in third place.
Bet365 - Manchester United margin of victory in Premier League title: 2 four-six points, 5-2 one-three, 11-4 fail to win title, 6 seven or more, 8 goal difference.
Why do you think the margin of victory in Ohio and Florida was so close in the past three elections?
Banbury established an unassailable lead, leaving Newport and Gloucester battling for the second promotion spot but although Newport beat Gloucester, they could not produce a big enough margin of victory, so it was Banbury and Gloucester who were promoted.
In a close election, any constituent group can claim the credit for having provided the margin of victory.
Eight different computer rankings were used last year, and the four that factored in margin of victory ranked the Ducks an average of 7.
December 19], the Log Cabin Republicans claim to have delivered the margin of victory to George W.
What was the winner's margin of victory in each election?
A vintage final quarter by veteran Nigel Lloyd gave Birmingham Bullets a margin of victory they did not really deserve.
A senator's margin of victory over his or her opponent in the last election matters least for domestic policy and more for foreign policy and intermestic issues.
The large margin of victory for HR 1058 exceeds the votes necessary to override a presidential veto.