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MCLDMaricopa County Library District (Arizona)
MCLDMidwest Center on Law and the Deaf (Chicago, IL)
MCLDMartin Conboy Lighting Design (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
MCLDMohave County Library District (Arizona)
MCLDMagnetic Constrained Layer Damping (mechanical engineering)
MCLDMilestone Control Log Document
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As one example of how you might take a shot at it, librarians from Ventura County Library and Maricopa County Library District share the approach they used to adopt and adapt the open source Raspberry Pi device as a driver for automating library signs.
Project Description: Maricopa County Library District (MCLD) is looking for a web design consultant to make
Caris O'Malle), is the teen service's manager for the Maricopa County Library District.
Appendices contain sample policies and FAQs, a list of manufacturers, and excerpts from the Maricopa County Library District wireless site survey as an example.
Diamondbacks player Tony Womack, the spokesperson for the program, was joined on the field in a pre-game ceremony by Phoenix City Librarian Toni Garvey, Harry Courtright of the Maricopa County Library District, Judy Register of the Scottsdale Public Library, Mark Fernandez, vice president of community affairs for the Diamondbacks and Diana Bohr of the community relations office of The Arizona Republic.
The Ventura County Library and the Maricopa County Library District joined forces to create an electronic poster from scratch.
The Maricopa County Library District solved this by building a Screenly Central Control system using HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery.
The GRA drew 64,987 participants in its pilot year for the Maricopa County Library District, which grew to a userbase of 77,880 last summer.
According to Harald Nagel, web developer for the Maricopa County Library District, modernizing and simplifying the user experience will not only make participation easier for students, but it will also streamline the theming and adding of content for librarians.
The Great Reading Adventure, a software project being developed by my library--the Maricopa County Library District (mcldaz.
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