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Contract notice: Supply of marine gas oil to r, Slagelse, Faaborg-midtfyn and kalundborg municipalities
The Defendants requested that the Claimant supply the ship with 150 cubic metres of marine gas oil ("MGO").
IN MERSEY | In the Mersey today: Thea II, a cargo vessel; DS Blue Ocean, a container vessel coming from Portugal; Conmar Gulf, a container vessel; Advantage Arrow, a tanker carrying crude oil from Canada; Lady Violet, a chemical tanker carrying marine gas oil.
The new barge Stephanie with 7,535 deadweight tonnage (DWT) is providing both heavy fuel oil - IFO 380 RMG 2010 - and marine gas oil to customers at all locations within the Port of Sohar and anchorage areas.
Making use of the same rugged and reliable tuning fork design as its predecessors, the HFVM incorporates a new robust low friction Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating that is ideal for tackling the most demanding of process applications such as marine heavy fuel oil (HFO) combustion control, marine gas oil (MGO) viscosity control and land-based fired heaters.
The tanker Shannon Fisher had the honour of bringing in the first cargo of just under 1,500 tonnes of marine gas oil which was transferred to the 15m litre capacity tank farm recently completed at the port's Bates terminal.
Fluor will also take charge of delayed coke unit that will convert heavy, higher sulphur residual oils into transportation fuel products such as marine gas oil and diesel fuel.
If not handled with care switching from Heavy Fuel Oil to Marine Gas Oil can put equipment at risk and increase operational costs.
ExxonMobil affiliate Esso Belgium, a division of ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical, in a press release said it plans to install a new delayed coker unit at its Antwerp refinery to convert heavy, higher sulfur residual oils into transportation fuels products such as marine gas oil and diesel fuel.
The black market for marine gas oil is extremely lucrative,'' said David Rider, editor of the Maritime Security Review, who wrote recently that the new attacks had ''taken everyone by surprise''.
These bunkers are created by blending higher sulfur IFO or HFO with lower sulfur IFO or marine gas oil (MGO).
x] requirements is Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (LSMGO)--100% distillate which has not yet been certified by ISO standards.
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