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MHQMaritime Headquarters (RN, Collocated with RCC)
MHQMariehamn, Aland Island, Finland (Airport Code)
MHQMarine Headquarters
MHQMetroid Headquarters (gaming website)
MHQModding Headquarters (video game website)
MHQMarge Hamilton Quartet (Jazz ensemble, Melbourne, Australia)
MHQMadhouseHQ (website)
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The Marine Headquarters attributes the reef's hospitality to its location, having a consistent circulation of water, in the path of large waves, clear deep water, and with above average water coverage of the coral.
His desk job at the Marine headquarters, a boring assignment for an officer exposed to combat, gave him the chance to meet with fellow officers from other branches who were disgruntled with their new assignments but for a different reason: these officers didn't like the corruption around them.
Didiet Wijaya of the Indonesian Marine Headquarters based in Jakarta.
Gabriel Lee, regimental surgeon for the 22nd Naval Construction Regiment, along with Marine Headquarters Group Guardian Company, 3rd Squad, worked with the NMCB 17 team.
Peter Devlin, the top Marine intelligence officer in Iraq based at the Marine headquarters in Anbar, the political and security situation in that vast province is grim and will continue to deteriorate unless the region receives a major infusion of aid and a division is sent to reinforce US troops operating there.
He told reporters he was shocked by the news that reached him at the marine headquarters.
Paul Hilton is the heal of the Marine Headquarters C4 Network Plans and Policy Division.
There he heard "nothing but compliments." There has been no official word from Marine headquarters.
'A person, no matter his nationality, is a human being,' the lawyer, aged 32, said at Marine headquarters in southern Iraq, where he, his wife and daughter are being treated as heroes and guests of honour.
Captain Pete Huntley, who works at Marine headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, explains "embedded simulations" like this: "A tank crew can go ahead and get into a tank and they're using the normal switches and toggles, but when they look through the sites, they see a virtual world.
Marine headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, was destroyed when an explosive-laden truck evaded security measures and blew up outside the building.
But after EDSA Dos produced her and the string of scandals in her administration following the 2004 general elections, people power fatigue set in, foiling the mutiny at Oakwood, the standoff at the Marine headquarters in Taguig, and the takeover of the Manila Peninsula hotel by rebel soldiers.
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