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MIMichigan (US postal abbreviation)
MIMiddle Initial
MIMyocardial Infarction (heart attack)
MIMortgage Insurance
MIMore Info
MIMusic Industry
MIMil' (Soviet helicopter designer)
MIMission Impossible
MIMonkey Island (game)
MIMilitary Intelligence
MIMercer Island (Washington)
MIMerritt Island (Florida)
MIMariana Islands
MIMisiones (Argentina province, airline code)
MIMiscellaneous (work) Item
MIMarket Index
MIMajor Issue
MIMarine Institute
MIMarket Intelligence
MIMaking It
MIManagement Information
MIMonsters, Inc. (movie)
MIMotivational Interviewing (counseling/clinical psychology)
MIMentally Ill
MIShallow (METAR descriptor)
MIMarine Insurance
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MIMultiple Intelligences
MIManhattan Institute
MIMethylisothiazolinone (preservative)
MIMare Island (California)
MIMathematical Institute (various locations)
MIMathematical Induction
MIMineral Insulated
MIMedical Inspection
MIManagement Interface
MIMilken Institute
MIMaster Instructor
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MIMalleable Iron
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MIMicroscopic Imager
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MIMedicare Interactive (health care rights information)
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MIMaterial Inspection
MIMovement Instructions (US DoD)
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MIMinister of Information
MIMultiple Inheritance (objected oriented programming)
MIMobile Infrastructure
MIMilano - Milan (Lombardia, Italy)
MIModel Identification
MIMicrosatellite Instability
MIModel Integration
MIMalaysian Idol (TV series)
MIMijns Inziens (Dutch)
MIManual Input
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MIMisión Internacional (Guatemala, license plates)
MIMedically Indigent
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MIMemphis Industries (record label)
MIMobility Impairment
MIMiddle Infielder (baseball; 2nd baseman or shortstop)
MIMobile Infantry (Starship Troopers)
MIMaritime Interdiction
MIMeasurement Interval
MIMedical Investigator
MIMain Injector
MIMinor Irrigation (India)
MIMode Indicator
MIMeat Inspector
MIMobility International, Inc (Bridgeport, MI)
MIMarine Inspection (US Coast Guard)
MIMaster Instruction (computer instruction set)
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MIMilitia Immaculatae (Militia of the Immiculata)
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MIMillennia Institute (Singapore)
MIMolar to Incisor (teeth)
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MIManufacturing Inspector
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MIMorse-Ingersoll (Beloit College Hall)
MIMissed Intercept (combat aviation)
MIMultiple-Instruction-Stream Computer
MIMissile Item
MIMafic Index (geology)
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"The underlying objectives of marine inspection campaigns are to curb negative practices and promote compliance with the applicable rules to ensure quality services, especially as Dubai has a high international profile and cares much for quality services," the statement added.
The marine inspection department has made significant progress in increasing awareness and education to enable boat owners and operators to identify the best ways to ensure the highest standards of maritime safety to a more safe, renewable and attractive environment for regional and international investors - falling in line with Dubai's leading position as a highly competitive, comprehensive and sustainable marine hub, it added.
Abdullah Bin Touk, Director of Marine Inspection, DMCA, said: "The Maritime Authority is committed to spreading awareness amongst the community about the importance of using safety equipment whilst driving marine vehicles and exercising and using the sea.
The five companies involved were Teguh Marine Inspection (M) Sdn Bhd, WLS Container Lines (M) Sdn Bhd, Green Valleys Resources, Tiban Enterprise and Pandan Cerah Sdn Bhd.
The practical stage includes first aid, vessels' firefighting in cooperation with the Civil Defense, interception and inspection of vessels, naval patrols formation and marine inspection points.
They are a draft Dahir setting the prerogatives of the Royal Marine Inspection in the fields of hydrography, oceanography and marine cartography.
In order to obtain a work permit from the General Company for Port of Iraq / Ministry of Transportation (the "GCPI"), by applying to the Marine Inspection Department, the following is required:
Conducting the periodical check on dry on Saqr II motor boat to be performed by the Marine Inspection Authority & conducting the required repairs therein.
The discussion focused on cooperation between the ministry and the company in the field of control and marine inspection, the possibility of cooperation to find a modern system in this field, combating illegal fishing as well as utilization of the company's experiences in fish farming, breeding and marine life.
Lighthouse Service (which was formed in 1789) was incorporated into the Coast Guard in 1939, and the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation (originally established as the Steamboat Inspection Service in 1838) was added in 1946.
His company is a fully certified surface supplied mobile dive system specializing in marine inspection and construction projects.
IRISH Ferries said yesterday it was "very regrettable" the Normandy ship failed a Department of the Marine inspection.
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