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VMSBMarine Scout Bombing Squadron (Marine Corps aviation unit designation)
VMSBVancouver Masonic Service Bureau (Canada)
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Over the years, the squadron served under many designations including the First Air Squadron, Marine Observation Squadron 1 and 8, Marine Scouting Squadron 2, Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 231 and Marine Fighter Squadron 231.
Marine Fighting Squadron (VMF) 222, a Corsair squadron, and Marine Scout Bombing Squadron (VMSB) 241, which flew Dauntlesses, are typical.
Ten days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he joined his squadronmates in Marine Scout Bombing Squadron (VMSB) 231 on a 1,137-mile over water flight from Ewa Mooring Mast Field in Hawaii to Midway Atoll as part of the effort to bolster its defenses.
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