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MARSTAMartial Arts Research Study and Training Academy (UK)
MARSTAMarital Status
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13 In addition to gender, high prevalence of SOCD symptoms has been noticed in relation to several other personal factors such as marital status and employed status.
Earlier today, it was reported that IGIMS has asked its employees to declare their virginity and number of wives in a marital status declaration form.
Women with a higher education level are often better able to provide financially for their children regardless of marital status.
All women who wish to have a child are entitled to insurance coverage for fertility treatment regardless of their sexual orientation or marital status, just as all women have the right to reproductive choice and to decide if and when to start a family, and New York will always stand up to protect and preserve those rights.
For unemployed women with children, the key driver of job search time seems to be their marital status.
altogether, I hope that more self-respecting women--that is, all women--will tell the world that their marital status does not define them and choose Ms.
The variables of interest included age, CCI score, race (AA versus Caucasian), marital status (married versus SDW), history of previous biopsy, history of prior PSA, clinical tumor (T) classification, body mass index (BMI), biopsy Gleason score, and treatment received.
Thus, there appeal's to be little ambiguity going forward for legally married same-sex couples: however, for same sex couples who previously filed as single under DOMA or have not yet filed prior-year returns, flexibility still exists with respect to marital status on the federal tax return.
In case applicants choose to update change in marital status at the time of re-issue of passport after expiry of its validity, they can also do it by submitting duly attested copies of the marriage certificate or divorce decree by the Indian authorities concerned along with the application for re-issue of passports.
Next, this Article briefly examines the most recent attempts to provide federal protections against both sexual orientation housing discrimination and marital status housing discrimination, and it discusses the implications of those protections.
A circular from Prime Minister Francois Fillon's office says the state should no longer be interested in the marital status of women.
151B, Yes religious creed, sexual [section]4 orientation, age, genetic information, ancestry, marital status of such person or persons, veteran or member of the armed forces, blindness, hearing impairment Mich.