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MACMedia Access Control
MACMacintosh (slang for Apple computer)
MACMandatory Access Control
MACMedium Access Control
MACMid-American Conference
MACMultiple Access
MACMessage Authentication Code
MACMedia Access Controller
MACMPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) Audio Collection
MACMacro (File Name Extension)
MACMedicare Administrative Contractor
MACMid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (tours & events; Cape May, NJ)
MACMacau (ISO Country code)
MACMacedonian (linguistics)
MACMainland Affairs Council (Taiwan)
MACMacomb (Amtrak station code; Macomb, IL)
MACMetropolitan Airports Commission
MACMilitary Affairs Council
MACMilk and Cookies
MACMark McGwire (baseball player)
MACMusical Arts Center
MACManagement Advisory Committee
MACMake-Up Art Cosmetics, Inc
MACMaximum Allowable Cost
MACMountain Athletic Conference (Pennsylvania high school athletics)
MACMunicipal Advisory Council
MACMining Association of Canada (l'Association Minière du Canada)
MACMcMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
MACMycobacterium Avium Complex (medicine)
MACMoves, Adds, and Changes
MACMarine Aquarium Council
MACMacPaint (File Name Extension)
MACMembrane Attack Complex
MACMobile Adult Content (conference)
MACMedia, Arts and Culture
MACMarubeni America Corporation (Marubeni Corporation)
MACMilwaukee Athletic Club (Milwaukee, WI)
MACMaterial Adverse Change
MACMedia Air Cleaner
MACMineral Area College (Park Hills, MO)
MACMartial Arts Club (various organizations)
MACMount Aloysius College (Cresson, PA)
MACModal Assurance Criterion
MACManaged Account (finance)
MACMarketing Association of Columbia (Columbia University; New York)
MACMonetary Affairs Committee (East African Community)
MACMultnomah Arts Center (Portland, OR)
MACMaster of Accountancy
MACMultnomah Athletic Club (Portland, OR)
MACMilitary Airlift Command (US Air Force)
MACMinimum Alveolar Concentration (measure of potency for anesthetics)
MACMass Attenuation Coefficient
MACMonitored Anesthesia Care
MACMorgan Advanced Ceramics (Morgan Crucible Company; UK)
MACMathematics and Computation (MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab project)
MACModel Aircraft Club (various locations)
MACManagement Adhoc Committee
MACMulti Access Computer
MACMicrosoft Approved Course
MACMemory Access Control
MACMachine Access Code
MACMultiple Analogue Component
MACMultiply Accumulate
MACMultiple Advanced Computers
MACMouse Activated Computer
MACMembership Advisory Committee
MACMid-America Council (Boy Scouts of America; various locations)
MACMid-Atlantic Conference (various organizations)
MACMissouri Arts Council (St Louis, MO)
MACMaster of Arts in Counseling
MACMarine Amphibious Corps (est. 1942)
MACMedium Access Controller
MACMemory Access Controller
MACMigration Authorisation Code (UK DSL)
MACMineralogical Association of Canada (Association Minéralogique du Canada)
MACMaximum Allowable Concentration
MACMain Automation Contractor
MACMid-America Chapter (various organizations)
MACMunicipal Athletic Complex (various locations)
MACMove, Add, Change
MACMaximum Acceptable Concentration
MACMilitary Assistance Command
MACMedical Associates Clinic (various locations)
MACModel Articulation Controller
MACMildura Arts Centre (Australia)
MACMunich Airport Center
MACManagement Advisory Council (FAA)
MACMarginal Abatement Cost (curve; metric of costs of complying with Kyoto Protocol for reducing greenhouse gases)
MACManufacturing Assistance Center (various locations)
MACMacConkey Agar (microbiological media)
MACMarket Access and Compliance (US Department of Commerce)
MACMorrisville Auxiliary Corporation (Morrsiville State College; Morrisville, NY)
MACMid-America Conference
MACMaryland Athletic Club
MACMulti Activity Court (various locations)
MACMotor Ambulance Convoy
MACMedical Advisory Council
MACMultiple Award Contracts
MACMunicipal Assistance Corporation (New York City)
MACMean Aerodynamic Chord
MACMichigan Association of Counties
MACMembership Advisory Council (various organizations)
MACMulti-Agency Coordinating (various organizations)
MACMidwest Archives Conference
MACMethanosarcina Acetivorans
MACManhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs
MACMine Action Center
MACMulti Asset Class (Oberon Financial Technology, Inc.)
MACMid-Atlantic Championship
MACMaximum Allowable Charge
MACMaintenance Allocation Chart
MACMemory and Aging Center
MACMid-Atlantic Crossing
MACMobile Air Conditioner
MACMagnetic Accelerator Cannon (Babylon 6)
MACMooney Airplane Company (Texas)
MACMines Action Canada
MACMilitary Armament Corporation (produced Mac 10&11 SMGs)
MACMichigan Administrative Code
MACMitral Annular Calcification (echogardiography)
MACAtlantic Mackerel (FAO fish species code)
MACMaintaining Active Citizens (elderly care; various locations)
MACMachine Aided Cognition
MACManitoba Arts Council
MACMinnesota Annual Conference
MACMulticultural Advisory Committee
MACMusic Appreciation Club (various locations)
MACMethodist Annual Conference
MACMilitary Aircraft Command
MACMembers Advisory Committee (various organizations)
MACMulti Agency Committee (various locations)
MACMexican-American Commission
MACMidwest Airlines Center (now Frontier Airlines Center; Milwaukee, WI)
MACMaster Addictions Counselor
MACMid America Corvette (company)
MACMultiplexed Analogue Components
MACMedical Alumni Council (various schools)
MACManagement Access Conference (annual conference)
MACMuslim Association of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
MACMonitoring Advisory Committee (various locations)
MACMaintaining Arc Consistency (constraint programming AI research)
MACMary Andrews College (Australia)
MACMichigan Apple Committee
MACMontgomery Aquatic Center (Rockville, MD)
MACMidtown Athletic Club (various locations)
MACMarketing Advisory Committee
MACMachine Address Code
MACMission Assurance Category
MACMassachusetts Animal Coalition
MACManagement Accounting Committee (various organizations)
MACMonths After Contract
MACManufacturing Alliance of Connecticut
MACMid-Arm Muscle Circumference
MACMapping and Analysis Center (FEMA)
MACMaintenance Advisory Committee (various organizations)
MACMinnesota Autosports Club (est. 1970)
MACMetropolitan Arts Commission
MACMinistry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
MACMonitoring and Analysis Coordinator (US FEMA)
MACMoore Action Collectibles (toy company)
MACMikuni American Corporation (Northridge, CA)
MACMichigan Aerospace Corporation (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
MACMine-Awareness Campaign
MACMonitored Anaesthesia Care
MACMothers Against Canada (South Park)
MACMaximum Amount Contributable (US IRS)
MACMoney Access Center
MACMicrobiota-Accessible Carbohydrate (biological molecules)
MACMothers Against Circumcision
MACMississippi Association of Cooperatives
MACMulti Axis Controller
MACMinister’s Approval Certificate (UK)
MACMultipole Acoustic Log (energy production)
MACMixed Armistice Commission
MACMultiservice Access Concentrator (ADC Kentrox)
MACMinimum Annual Commitment
MACMasonry Advisory Council
MACMessage Authenticity Check
MACMobility Augmentation Company (US Army)
MACMidwest CHP Application Center
MACMediterranean Air Command (WWII)
MACMidwest Adoption Center (Des Plaines, IL)
MACManingrida Arts and Culture (Aboriginal arts organisation; Maningrida, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory)
MACMaking Arizona Competitive
MACManagement and Administrative Computing
MACMunitions Assembly Conveyor
MACMa’aden Aluminum Company (Ras Az Zawr, Saudi Arabia)
MACMouse Activated Computer (suggested acronym for Apple Macintosh computer)
MACMultiple-Access Computing
MACMaine Athletic Conference
MACMaster of Art Conservation
MACManchester Athletic Club (Manchester, MA)
MACMaintenance Action Code
MACMultipurpose Activity Center
MACMultiple Analog Component
MACMississauga Arts Council
MACMitigation Assistance Clinic (US FEMA)
MACMultiple Access Communications Limited
MACMid-Atlantic Collegiate (umpires)
MACMobile Action Command (1970s Matchbox Division)
MACMobile Attenuation Code (cellular term)
MACMedical Assistance for Children (various organizations)
MACMovimento Anti-Comunista (Portuguese: Anti-Communist Movement)
MACMean Alveolar Concentration (anesthesiology)
MACMuseu da Arte Contemporânea (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
MACMulticultural Awareness Council
MACMean Aerodynamic Center
MACMedical Affirmative Claims
MACMission Assignment Coordinator
MACMobility Augmentation Company
MACManeuver Area Command
MACMulti Access Controller
MACMultiphase Atmospheric Chemistry
MACMedicaid Authorization Card
MACMulti Aircraft Control (aviation technology)
MACMontana Agricultural College
MACMicromechanics Analysis Code (US NASA software)
MACMiddle America Cox (Cox-Internet)
MACMessage Authentication Control
MACMaintenance Administration Center
MACMass Accelerator Cannon (gaming, Halo weaponry)
MACMunicipal Amateur Coordinator
MACMultiplier Accumulator Chip
MACMultiplying Accumulator
MACMagazine Association of Canada
MACManagement Ad Hoc Committee
MACManufacturing Advisory Center
MACMajor Ambulatory Category
MACMinimal Antibiotic Concentration
MACMulti-Agency Coordinating Entity
MACMultifiber Array Connector
MACManagement Action Center
MACMakiling Airsoft Club (Philippines)
MACMultiple Architecture Computer (Hewlett-Packard)
MACMajor Area Commander
MACMaterial Accumulation Costing
MACMateriel Acquisition Command
MACMaterial Accountability and Control
MACMeasurement and Analysis Center
MACMultiple Access Contract
MACMaintenance Availability Computer
MACMaritime Area Commander
MACMulti-Sensor Air Campaign
MACMechanized Assignment and Control
MACManitoba Action Centre (Leaf Rapids, Manitoba, Canada)
MACMagnetic Anomaly Concealment
MACMaterial Accounting Center
MACChief Machine Accountant (naval rating)
MACMaximum Adjacent Cut (locksmithing)
MACMoselle Alpine Club (French automobile club; Moselle, France)
MACMetal Anneal Chamber
MACMontessori Australia Council (Queensland, Australia)
MACModern Arab Contractors
MACMobile Attack Cuisine (Fighting Foodons)
MACMultiple Array Correlation
MACModular Amplification Card
MACMortuary Affairs Coordinator
MACMen's Advisory Counsel/Committee (prisons)
MACMustang Athletic Complex
MACMilestone Achievement Certificate (UK)
MACMainland Aviation College (New Zealand)
MACMulti-Static Active Coherent (US Navy)
MACMIUW Attack Craft
MACMagnetometer Alignment Coil
MACManually Activated Call point (fire protection systems)
MACMinneola Alliance Church (Minneola, FL)
MACMaximum Asset Capability (economics)
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YEAR PLAYER, TEAM SOLO 2-RUN 3-RUN SLAMS TOTAL 2001 Barry Bonds, Giants 46 21 4 2 73 1998 Mark McGwire, Cardinals 33 28 7 2 70 1998 Sammy Sosa, Cubs 37 19 7 3 66 1999 Mark McGqire, Cardinals 35 18 10 2 65 2001 Sammy Sosa, Cubs 36 21 5 2 64 1999 Sammy Sosa, Cubs 36 18 9 0 63 1961 Roger Maris, Yankees 33 19 9 0 61 1927 Babe Ruth, Yankees 30 22 6 2 60 1921 Babe Ruth, Yankees 22 26 11 0 59 2017 Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins 36 17 6 0 59 1932 Jimmie Foxx, A's 34 11 10 3 58 1938 Hank Greenberg, Tigers 34 11 11 2 58 1997- Mark McGwire, A's/Cardinals 37 16 4 1 58 2006 "Ryan Howard, Phillies 29 19 9 1 58 2001 Luis Gonzalez, Diamondbacks 27 20 8 2 57 2002 Alex Rodriguez, Rangers 29 22 5 1 57 1930 Hack Wilson, Cubs 23 25 8 0 56 1997 Ken Griffey Jr.
Victor Conte: "I respect Mark McGwire for finally coming forward and telling the truth" (http://bizofbaseball.
I am pleased that Mark McGwire has confronted his use of performance-enhancing substances as a player.
But in a four-year period beginning in 1998, the home-run record was broken six times by Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds--all of whom have been accused of steroid use.
Reliance on the long ball proved to be a good marketing strategy, and so Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig didn't probe too deeply when Andro-fueled slugger Mark McGwire became the center of the sporting world in 1998.
One such Mark McGwire in the foundry industry is Shrirang Kulkarni, vice president and general manager of Richmond Foundry Co.
MARK MCGWIRE hit his 548th career home run in the St Louis Cardinals' 11-10 win over the San Francisco Giants to draw level with Mike Schmidt in seventh place on the all-time list
That year, Sosa and Mark McGwire battled to set the home-run record, with McGwire hitting 70 and Sosa 66.
Louis, Pope John Paul II squeezed in a Mass, a youth rally, and a brief meeting with President Clinton, not to mention a greeting from home-run hitter Mark McGwire.
PLAYERS WHO HIT 100 HR OVER CONSECUTIVE SEASONS HR PLAYER, TEAM YEAR (HR) YEAR (HR) 135 Mark McGwire, Cardinals 1998 (70) 1999 (65) 129 Sammy Sosa, Cubs 1998 (66) 1999 (63) 128 Mark McGwire, A's/Cardinals 1997 (58) 1998 (70) 122 Barry Bonds, Giants 2000 (49) 2001 (73) 119 Barry Bonds, Giants 2001 (73) 2002 (46) 114 Babe Ruth, Yankees 1927 (60) 1928 (54) 114 Sammy Sosa, Cubs 2000 (50) 2001 (64) 113 Babe Ruth, Yankees 1920 (54) 1921 (59) 113 Sammy Sosa, Cubs 1999 (63) 2000 (50) 113 Sammy Sosa, Cubs 2001 (64) 2002 (49) 112 Ken Griffey Jr.