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For a free mountaineer to pause at a paltry consideration of dollars and cents, in the attainment of any object that might strike his fancy, would stamp him with the mark of the beast in the estimation of his comrades.
Each of these creatures, despite its human form, its rag of clothing, and the rough humanity of its bodily form, had woven into it--into its movements, into the expression of its countenance, into its whole presence--some now irresistible suggestion of a hog, a swinish taint, the unmistakable mark of the beast.
His vice glasses his eye, cuts lines of mean expression in his cheek, pinches the nose, sets the mark of the beast on the back of the head, and writes O fool!
The NWO as the domicile for the Mark of the Beast as foretold in the Biblical Revelation is, therefore, not yet here and may never be here.
The same NBC article claimed that IBM has been preparing the American public for a Mark of the Beast scenario years ago.
At Tuesday's GOP debate, Michele Bachmann joked - at least we think she was joking - that 9-9-9 turned on its head looks like 6-6-6, referred to in the Bible as the mark of the beast or Antichrist.
Believers who refuse "allegiance to Rome and participation in emperor worship" (the mark of the beast) (109) receive the seal of baptism for protection from the "relentless end-time suffering" (119).
As one Democrat put it, "I'm sure he has the mark of the beast somewhere on his body."
Here we have, in Volk's words, "a reddish-orange Warhol with fierce, piercing eyes, a slightly open mouth, and gaunt cheeks," an unnerving work that Volk compares to a zombie, as if Warhol "already seems to have one foot in the grave." Warhol also began a series of religious paintings, such as The Last Supper, and a slew of acrylic and silkscreen works like Heaven and Hell are Just One Breath Away, The Mark of the Beast, and Repent and Sin No More.
5) a tool of the military-industrial-entertainment (or whatever) complex that was using vaccines as a means of implanting us all with microchips containing the mark of the beast.
Claiming to want only to bring the world together, UNITE quickly decree that all 'citizens of the world' should receive an electronic barcode (the 'Mark of the Beast') on their foreheads or right hands, all those refusing to do so being arrested 'in the interest of world safety'.
The mark of The Beast isn't so abstract or farfetched to the factory worker who must now match fingerprints against a file image to punch in or out.