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MPPMassively Parallel Processing/Processor
MPPMarijuana Policy Project
MPPMinisterio del Poder Popular (Spanish: Ministry of the Popular Power); Venezuela)
MPPMaster of Public Policy
MPPMadan Puraskar Pustakalaya (Nepali archiving house)
MPPMember Purchase Program (computing)
MPPMicrosoft PowerPoint
MPPMechanical Protection Plan (various companies)
MPPMicrosoft Project Plan (computing)
MPPMaximum Power Point
MPPMessage Posting Protocol
MPPMember of Provincial Parliament (Canada; also MLA)
MPPMulti Purpose Processor
MPPMicrosoft Project
MPPMicro Processor Pascal
MPPMicrosoft Partner Program
MPPMessage Processing Platform
MPPMassively Parallel Processor
MPPMulti Purpose Platform
MPPMulti Processor Platform
MPPMultipass Partitioning Problem
MPPMcafee Protection Pilot
MPPManagement Plane Protection (Cisco software)
MPPMoral and Political Philosophy
MPPMerriweather Post Pavilion (Columbia, MD venue)
MPPMinnesota Premier Publications (Minneapolis, MN)
MPPMobile Party Pays
MPPMaternity Pay Period
MPPMonthly Payment Plan
MPPMunicipality of Phnom Penh (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
MPPMicrosoft Partner Program (business solutions; Microsoft, Inc.)
MPPMission Planning Process
MPPMass Privatization Program
MPPMessage Processing Program
MPPMelanesian Progressive Party (Vanuatu)
MPPMentor-Protégé Program
MPPMilitary Personnel Policy
MPPMission Performance Plan
MPPMortgage Protection Plan (insurance)
MPPMessage Processing Platform (RAE Internet)
MPPMaximum Plausible Position (negotiation strategy)
MPPPapaye Peasants Movement (Haiti)
MPPMarketing Plan Pro
MPPMouvman Peyizan Papay (Peasant Movement of Papay)
MPPMinimum Premium Plan (insurance)
MPPMultilink Point-to-Point Protocol
MPPMagnolia Power Project (Southern California Public Power Authority)
MPPMaximizing Participation Project
MPPMinimum Payment Period
MPPMetropolitan Policy Program (formerly the Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy)
MPPMinority Participation Program (various organizations)
MPPMulti-Purpose Processor
MPPMarked Point Process
MPPMost Probable Position
MPPMedicaid Purchase Plan (Louisiana)
MPPMaterial Processing Procedure
MPPManagement Plus Program (various organizations)
MPPModernization Planning Process
MPPMutual Protection Pact (Star Trek gaming)
MPPManufacturing Process Plan
MPPMultiphase Printing
MPPMill Pond Press, Inc. (Florida)
MPPMaintenance Point Person (Philippines)
MPPMassively Parallel Platform
MPPMedical Physics Publishing
MPPMultipurpose Project (India)
MPPMail Processing Plant (Canada Post Corporation)
MPPMulti-Phase Pump
MPPMailer's Postmark Permit
MPPMyelin Protein, Peripheral
MPPMassive Periretinal Proliferation
MPPMaterials, Processes and Parts
MPPManpower Plans & Policy
MPPManufacturing Process Procedure
MPPMultiple Profile Program
MPPMerit Promotion Number
MPPMulti Phased Pinned
MPPMaintenance Process Plan
MPPMarketing Promotion Programme (India)
MPPMaterial Processing Platform
MPPManagement Publication Proposal
MPPMailer's Precancel Postmark
MPPMicrosoft Project 2000 file extension (Microsoft Office)
MPPMalleable Penile Prosthesis
MPPMobilization Program Pre-assignment
MPPMerit Promotion & Placement Program
MPPMajor Purchase Plan (AAFES)
MPPMission Payload Package
MPPMilitary Pay Procedures Manual
MPPMesh Path Protection (IEEE)
MPPMaster/Maintainability Program Plan
MPPModernization Program Plan
MPPModem Pool Provider
MPPMinistry for Petroleum Production
MPPMemoryless Polynomial Predistortion
MPPMaritime Power Projection
MPPModified Pruppacher-Pitter Raindrop Model
MPPMono Power Pack
MPPMara Peoples Party (Burma)
MPPMeridian Passport
MPPMechanical Polishing Planarization
MPPMountain Products Project (est. 2003; UN Food and Agricultural Organization)
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The scan statistics introduced in this paper allow one to detect high-variance clusters in marked point processes without any parameter to set up.
Cucala, "A distribution-free spatial scan statistic for marked point processes," Spatial Statistics, vol.
Site-saturated nucleation processes and space-time dependent nucleation processes can be modeled by point processes and marked point processes, respectively.
and Andreas Brandt, 1995, Marked Point Processes on the Real Line: The Dynamic Approach (New York: Springer).
Thus, the statement of the theorem follows from the definition of the Palm mark distribution of the stationary marked point process [X.sup.T] = {([X.sub.n], [v.sub.1]([T.sub.sub]([X.sub.n])))}.
Proof Consider the two jointly stationary marked point processes [X.sup.H] = {([X.sub.H,n],[L.sup.o.sub.H,n])} and [X.sup.T].
we can apply Neveu's exchange formula (Neveu, 1976; Maier et al., 2004) for stationary marked point processes which yields Eq.
Let [[PSI].sub.d] = {[[X.sub.i], [R.sub.i]] : i [greater than or equal to] 1} be a stationary, independently marked point process in [R.sup.d] with generic non-negative mark [R.sub.0] having the df [F.sub.d] (r), r [greater than or equal to] 0.
The system of non-empty s-spheres [B.sub.s]([[bar.X].sub.i],[[bar.R].sub.i]) is completely described by the stationary marked point process [[bar.PSI].sub.s] = {[[[bar.Y].sub.i], [[bar.R].sub.i]] : i [greater than or equal to] 1} in [R.sup.s] with intensity measure [[bar.[LAMBDA].sub.s] (A x (0, r]) = [[lambda].sub.s] [v.sub.s] (A) [bar.F].sub.s](r), where [[bar.F].sub.s] denotes the df of the 'typical radius' [[bar.R].sub.0].
A birth-and-growth process is made of two main ingredients, a birth process modelled as a marked point process. and a growth process.
It is well known (Bremaud, 1981, Last and Brandt, 1995) that, under general conditions, a marked point process is characterized by its compensator (or stochastic intensity), say v(dt x dx), with respect to the internal history [F.sub.t], of the process.
"Modeling and detection of wrinkles in aging human faces using marked point processes," in Proc.