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MLAPMulti Level Affiliate Program (e-commerce)
MLAPMigrant Legal-Action Program, Inc.
MLAPMarket Loss Assistance Payment (farmer assistance)
MLAPMissing Logical and in Parameter of Function Call (software fault)
MLAPMerrill Lynch Asset Portfolio
MLAPMoney Laundering Advisory Panel (UK)
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price-contingent subsidies (marketing loan program payments, user marketing payments, market loss assistance payments, counter-cyclical payments) are a significant price suppression within the meaning of Article 6.3(c) of the SCM Agreement;
* crop market loss assistance payments that Brazil alleges were incorrectly notified as non-product-specific AMS, and would be more correctly notified as product-specific AMS outlays.
Farm Bill 1996 2002 Difference Direct Payments $158.32 $188.09 $29.77 Counter-Cyclical Payments none * $236.94 $236.94 Marketing Loan Benefits $315.71 $303.66 -$11.85 Total Payments $474.03 $728.89 $254.86 * Counter-cyclical payments were not included in the 1996 farm bill, but Congress authorized one-time market loss assistance payments to compensate for declines in crop prices.