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As market planning analyst, Andrew Verostek will evaluate demographic and competitive information to determine ideal trade areas for Del Taco and Captain D's Seafood Kitchen brands.
To rely on production people--who think in terms of production problems--for coming up with sound market planning is wishful thinking.
Goldstein is an experienced technology marketing executive skilled in market planning and execution activities and has managed more than 25 new company and product launches as a senior marketing executive and external consultant.
We look forward to continuing to assist UHC members through our market planning tools as they work to improve performance, enhance care and drive growth.
Better market planning and good, effective programs like target marketing can help make sure your foundry gets its share of the business.
The combining of Red Thunder Entertainment and WENR's resources will provide cutting-edge solutions, market planning and strategies relating to the company's 'ScreenFriends' technology," said Bobby Roberts, Chairman of WENR Corp.
He served six years with the Bank of Hawaii as Vice President and Manager of Market Planning, Research and Information.
geoVue's user-friendly solutions integrate geographic, demographic, and business data to help clients make smarter business decisions in sales forecasting, market planning, site selection, and customer profiling.
geoVue integrates geographic, demographic, and business data to help clients make smarter business decisions through sales forecasting, market planning, location analysis, and customer surveying.
At the seminar new demographic data from SRC's 2001 Latin American Market Planning Report will be released.
NASDAQ: DMRK), today announced that Steve Adams has been named as its Director of Alliances and Market Planning and John Dygert has been named its Regional Business Development Manager.