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MOMissouri (US postal abbreviation)
MOMoney Order
MOModus Operandi (Latin: Mode of Operating)
MOMU Online (gaming)
MOMail Order
MOMotor Oil
MOMobile Office
MOMobile Office (Airtel)
MOMontana (less common)
MOMorocco (Including Ifni)
MOMouse (medical research specimen)
MOMedical Officer
MOMember Organization
MOPhilip Morris (stock symbol)
MOMortal Online (gaming)
MOMacau (ISO country code, top level domain)
MOMorse (nautical)
MOMake Out
MOModena (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
MOMicrowave Oven
MOMolecular Orbital
MOMarketing Officer
MOManagement Operations
MOMode of Operation
MOMineral Oil
MOMain Objective
MOMetal Oxide
MOAltria Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
MOMostar (auto registration for Mostar, Bosnia)
MOMobile Operator
MOMoral Obligation
MOMarching Orders
MOMobile Originated (telecommunications)
MOMagnum Opus
MOMahavishnu Orchestra (jazz-rock fusion group)
MOMorbid Obesity
MOMethod of Operation
MOMobile Station
MOMarketing Optimization
MOMarine Officer
MOMaîtrise d'Ouvrage (French: Project Management)
MOModern Orthodox
MOMultiple Osteochondromas (disorder)
MOMetal Object
MOMission Objective
MOMixed Oxide
MOMiddle Office
MOManual Override
MOManaged Object
MOMaintenance Officer
MOMichael Olowokandi (basketball player)
MOMega Octet (French: megabyte)
MOMilitary Outpost (gaming, Pardus)
MOModification Order
MOMathematical Olympiad
MOManagement Object (OSI)
MOMars Observer
MOMaster Oscillator
MOManufacturing Order
MOMaintenance Optimization (mathematical model)
MOManpower Office
MOMedical Orderly
MOMission Orders
MOMovement Orders
MOMilicja Obywatelska (former Polish police)
MOMission Observer
MOManpower and Organization
MOMental Observation
MOMasonry Opening
MOMedula Oblongata
MOMorpholino antisense Oligonucleotide
MOMaps and Overlays
MOManagement Systems Office (NIMA)
MOMiscellaneous Operation
MOMcLean Orchestra (McLean, VA)
MOMunitions Operations
MOMesio-Occlusal (dentistry)
MOMostly Orthogonal
MOMicrobe Obliterator (WALL-E)
MOMOD51 (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
MOMassey-Omura (multiplier)
MOMyst Obsession (gaming website)
MOMusa-Okumoto (logarithmic Poisson method)
MOManomet Observatory (University of Missouri, Columbia, Biological Sciences, Columbia, MO)
MOMagnesia Oil (Haley's)
MOModule Outfitting
MOMilitia Operative
MOMedium Offense (gaming)
MOMaintenance & Operations/Operating
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Key to all this has been the company's use of SAS Customer Intelligence Solutions, particularly the SAS Marketing Optimization product that Yapi Kredi rolled out in August 2012.
McHenry says SAS for Retail is used by 600 retailers worldwide, including Walmart and Target, and helps grocers with a host of issues, among them: shopper insight, promotion optimization, assortment optimization, price optimization, demand forecasting, inventory optimization, space optimization, marketing resource management, campaign management, marketing optimization, market basket analysis, enterprise forecasting, workforce optimization, social media analytics, visual analytics, high-performance analytics, transportation optimization, and text and data mining.
Analytics experts and data scientists say that big data from multi-structured data sources are having the greatest impact on business applications for digital marketing optimization, according to a webcast survey conducted by Teradata, the analytic data solutions company.
The state of the art science behind our marketing software products combines a user-friendly visual interface with advanced attribution management and predictive modeling functionality that clearly shows clients where opportunities exist for marketing optimization.
Ektron, a web content management, social and marketing optimization software and solutions provider, has announced an eIntranet plug-in built with Seesmic Desktop 2 (SD2).
Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE:AU), a provider of infrastructure software for the enterprise, reported today that British Airways (LSE:BAY) has deployed Autonomy Optimost's Marketing Optimization Platform in order to boost customer engagement and increase conversion rates on its website.
"Putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time has always been the marketer's dream," Jim Sterne, founder of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, said in a release.
This ensures Google Analytics customers have access to the high-end data analysis and marketing optimization services provided by ZAAZ.
Barclays will improve communications to its 8 million customers by using Experian-Scorex's marketing optimization solution to automatically determine the most appropriate offer to make to each customer, the best time to make the offer and the optimal channel through which to send the offer, according to Experian-Scorex.
iHeartMedia Analytics joins marketing optimization tools SoundPoint , a programmatic real-time radio ad buying platform, and iHeart's recently introduced SmartAudio , which enables advertisers to do impression-based audience planning and dynamic radio ad creative that utilizes real-time triggers -- such as weather, pollen counts, sports scores, and mortgage rates -- to deploy different campaign messages based on what is happening in a specific market at a specific moment.
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