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MQLMetaquotes Language
MQLMinimal Quantity Lubrication
MQLMarketing Qualified Lead
MQLMinimum Quantity Lubricant
MQLMaximum Queue Length (telephony)
MQLMildura, Victoria, Australia - Mildura (Airport Code)
MQLMatrix Query Language (MatrixOne Corporation)
MQLMaximum Queue Length
MQLMethod Quantification Limit
MQLMalaysian Quality of Life
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Without proper planning, your marketing automation implementation could end up as an electronic Winchester Mystery House --with landing pages and forms that collect information that is not used to further the customer journey, nurture campaigns that don't ever generate a marketing qualified lead, or other activities that generate lots of vanity metrics like visits, clicks, likes, and shares that never result in a sale.
Marketing automation is one more tool available to 21st Century marketers to generate better marketing qualified leads for their sales teams and measure their real contribution to revenue.
If a marketing automation platform is the engine that drives visitors to prospects and onto marketing qualified leads, then content is the fuel for that engine.
In fact, according to CSO Insights, 94% of marketing qualified leads never close, and over half of reps do not meet their sales targets.
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