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MRFMarkov Random Field
MRFMaterial Recovery Facility
MRFMaterials Recycling Facility
MRFMotorcycle Riders Foundation
MRFMovement for Rights and Freedoms (Bulgaria)
MRFMelanoma Research Foundation
MRFMultilink Frame Relay
MRFMultimedia Resource Function
MRFMaintenance Reset Function
MRFMedia Resource Function
MRFMunicipal Recycling Facility (various locations)
MRFMedium Range Forecast (weather forecasting model)
MRFMeningitis Research Foundation
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MRFMagneto Rheological Finishing (method to polish optic lenses)
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MRFMicrosoft Readiness Framework
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MRFMusic Royalty Fee (intellectual property)
MRFTurk Movement for Rights and Freedoms (Bulgarian political party)
MRFMaintenance Replacement Factor
MRFMission Request Form
MRFMasonic Restoration Foundation
MRFMentally Retarded Female (TV show Arrested Development)
MRFMadras Rubber Factory, Ltd.
MRFMaterial Return Form (transport)
MRFMonthly Report Form
MRFMultiple Risk Factors
MRFMilitary Retirement Fund
MRFManager Review File
MRFMinimum Residual Flow (water Industry, volume of water which must be left in a river)
MRFMaterial Request Form
MRFMetal Recovery Facility (US DOE)
MRFMarmarth Research Foundation
MRFManagement for Responsible Fisheries (FAO)
MRFMost Recent Forecast
MRFMississippi River Fund
MRFMusic for the Royal Fireworks (Handel composition)
MRFMessage-Refusal Signal (ITU-T)
MRFMinipig Research Forum (UK)
MRFMission Reliability Factor
MRFMaster Record Form (insurance)
MRFModi Rubber Factory (Chennai, India)
MRFModular Rigid Frame (construction industry)
MRFModule Repair Facility
MRFMSE Repair Facility
MRFMilestone Reference File
MRFMaterial Review Form
MRFMobile Relay Facility
MRFMinority Risk Factors
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The mapping of the data item is the relationship between known and unknown nodes in the Markov random field, and the smooth item is the relationship between two adjacent unknown nodes in Markov random field.
Above all, the wavelet energy field model and the Markov random field model are the keys for pothole detection and segmentation.
In vision, models like Markov Random Fields (MRFs) [4,5] and Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) [6-9] have been widely used to capture the context information.
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In this sense, the corresponding undirected probabilistic graph is a Markov random field (MRF).
(1995) developed this approach based on a stochastic model for texture using Markov Random Fields (MRF).
A strong model for image segmentation is to see the image to segment as a realization of a Markov Random Field Y = [{Ys}.sub.s [member of] S] defined on the lattice S.
This approach is known as conditional autoregression, and the random vector x is called a Gaussian Markov Random Field (GMRF).
Researchers, artists, and technical practitioners present about 100 papers on such topics as visualizing tags with spatio-temporal references, gesture-base input for drawing schematics on a mobile device, the fractal perspective visualization technique for semantic networks, exploratory visualization for weather data verification, distributed group collaboration in interactive applications, showing action in pictures, a brief history of computer art and new media art in Latvia, evaluating volumetric medical images segmentation using hidden Markov random field models, trust and risk in collaborative environments, digitalizing Irish place names in Australia, and preprocessing for automating the early detection of cervical cancer.
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