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The volunteer students were then assigned to one of two basic marksmanship training groups, those trained using the LaserShot simulator and those trained using a live-fire handgun.
There are a lot of early patents where lasers are used as marksmanship training devices.
Leahy and Shumlin called the M1 a historically valuable and collectible firearm that is provided to citizens through the government-chartered Civilian Marksmanship Program, which provides gun safety and marksmanship training
Evidence of my career and two decades of armorer certifications and marksmanship training were all but erased, which was personally heartbreaking.
Soldiers completed advanced marksmanship training using shoot-don't shoot scenarios.
The life-sized, life-like simulator provides marksmanship training to Soldiers through hundreds of interactive vignettes, ranging from military police procedures to maritime force protection scenarios and full-on combat operations.
Section IV provides an overview of various marksmanship training systems in use by the USMC as of 2006.
The North Dakota National Guard Adjutant General's Combat Marksmanship Match is held annually to promote marksmanship training and proficiency.
The children also conducted a radio check at Post One, in which they practiced radio jargon, and underwent marksmanship training using "super soaker"-type water guns.
In a major win for NSW technology, Marathon Robotics Rover system (pictured right) will be tested by the US Marines for advanced marksmanship training. This is a great example of world-beating NSW technology, Mr Roozendaal said.