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MAROSMonitoring and Remediation Optimization System (environmental management)
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The latest release of Maros and Taro software also includes a new tool, Sensitivity Manager, for running sensitivity cases.
By loading a base case from Maros and Taro, Sensitivity Manager empowers analysts to thoroughly investigate different options with a pre-defined set of sensitivity types.
Maros Lite is developed to save cost and reduce downtime in industries such as power plant operations, oil and gas production and mining.
Maros Lite is based on the simulator of Maros and Taro, DNV Software's Advanced RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) tools, benefiting from more than 30 years of successful industrial application and extensive global experience in projects for oil and gas assets.
Maros Klimpl heads Cardiff City's winner against Fatima - his last act as a Bluebird
As a former user of Intelliworks, I saw firsthand how this company is revolutionizing software for higher education," added Maros.
For the previous five years, Maros served as executive director of FAU's College of Business Executive Programs department.