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MAVRMars-Venus (proposed Russian space mission)
MAVRMitral and Aortic Valve Replacement (cardiology)
MAVRMontana AIDS Vaccine Ride
MAVRLaboratory of Human Motion Analysis and Virtual Reality (University of Milan; Italy)
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"I feel like we are moving into modern times, and that is what a modern salon looks like," says Barris, creator of ABC's barrier-pushing "Black-ish." "I thought it was a way to start a Mars-Venus kind of conversation."
Simonie's Mars-Venus approach offers a road map for people with AS and their employers to connect in a way they might not otherwise be able to do.
The fruits of the Mars-Venus marriage have been half a century of relative peace and prosperity.
"When it comes to comforting, the Mars-Venus concept is not only wrong, but harmful," argues Erina MacGeorge, assistant professor of communication.
"According to the Mars-Venus myth, men should have [chosen] tough love but, in fact, they also value empathy and warmth."
Their Mars-Venus exchange went something like this: "I don't want anything." "Really?
Mars-Venus advice promises a quick fix: You just pull out the blue file marked "men" or the pink one marked "women" instead of trying to deal with the other person's unique qualities, or with your own inadequacies.
MGE inked a deal earlier this year with "Mars-Venus" scribe John Gray, also a frequent former guest of Griffin's, for a latenight panel show that is in the works with Columbia TriStar TV Distribution.