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MVRMaldives Rufiyaa (ISO currency code)
MVRMotor Vehicle Record
MVRMitral Valve Repair (cardiology)
MVRMelt Volume-Flow Rate (thermoplastics)
MVRMotor Vehicle Report
MVRMitral Valve Replacement
MVRMulticast Vlan Registration
MVRMobile Virtual Reality
MVRMulticast VLAN Registration (Cisco)
MVRMitral Valve Ring (cardiology)
MVRMartha Van Rensselaer Hall (Cornell University; New York)
MVRFifth Republic Movement (Venezuela)
MVRMotor Vehicle Repair
MVRMitral Valve Regurgitation
MVRMobile Video Recorder (various companies)
MVRMicrovascular Research
MVRMulti-View Reconstruction (imaging)
MVRMaine Vacation Rentals (Blue Hill, ME)
MVRMinimum Volume Requirement (billing)
MVRMound Visits Remaining (baseball)
MVRMovimiento Venezolano Revolucionario (Spanish: Venezuelan Revolutionary Movement)
MVRMinute Volume of Respiration
MVRMultiple Virtual Router
MVRMaking Vision Reality (UK)
MVRMaster Verification Requirements
MVRMultipoint Visualization Refused/Revoked
MVRMarine Vapor Recovery
MVRMinimum Visual Representation
MVRMonitoring Visit Report (clinical trials)
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Now, with an opportunity to serve fellow Human Ecology nutrition students who sit in the same seats in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall as she did, Wein regularly travels back to campus.
After much anticipation, the final phase of renovations to the College of Human Ecology's Martha Van Rensselaer Hall (MVR) will begin this summer.
The lights in the lab cast a purple glow around the closed hallway door and out the windows of Martha Van Rensselaer Hall. The luminosity comes from an indoor agriculture lab where Schuyler Duffy, a graduate student in Design + Environmental Analysis, is prototyping computational control systems, sustainable materials, and form factors for indoor agriculture--a joint venture with his peers in Fiber Science & Apparel Design.
In Spring 2016, Green and her students moved the garden to a plot located in the courtyard between Martha Van Rensselaer Hall and the Human Ecology Building.
That's when the college closed Martha Van Rensselaer Hall North, following an engineering inspection that revealed long-hidden structural deficiencies and prompted the immediate evacuation of several departments.
The 5,700-square-foot space, bridging the college's historic Martha Van Rensselaer Hall and the new, high-tech Human Ecology Building, provides a respite from the swirl of Cornell life--a place where students can study, socialize, dine, and sometimes sleep.
She and her students gathered the plants, put them in glass jars filled with fabric swatches and water, and set them in a sunny spot outside Martha Van Rensselaer Hall. The solar dye bath was the first her class had made with local plant materials.
"There's no substitute for the real thing," says Madison Chung '15, one of the student curators of the learning center, run by the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis on the first floor of Martha Van Rensselaer Hall's east wing.
Following Van Rensselaer's death in 1932, the college moves into Martha Van Rensselaer Hall.
By spring 2015, two of these classrooms will be installed in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, among the first such spaces at Cornell.
The study, which will compare differences in the brains of teens and adults when faced with risky decisions, will be the first to use the Cornell MRI Facility, a new, state-of-the-art center for neuroscience and other fields of research in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall.
Mathios has also overseen major facilities projects, such as the new Human Ecology Building and the Cornell MRI Facility in the newly renovated Martha Van Rensselaer Hall. "It is an honor to be able to serve another term as dean," Mathios said.