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Listen, the fact we got ada y off university and a day off university and Martin Luther King Day is a national holiday are evidence of the respect the great man is held in.
BlackBerry stock was up 8.2% in Toronto on Monday and then 8.1% in New York on Tuesday after exchanges reopened following observance of Martin Luther King Day.
But the wider London market struggled to gain headway - closing down 2.5 points at 6834.3 - as Wall Street returned in a cautious mood after Monday's holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.
(RCAP) know how to get mergers and acquisitions done before the long Martin Luther King Day weekend.
And we are especially honored to have you here today, on this day, as we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. I don't know of a more appropriate speaker that all of us could have chosen than to have you here today.
Martin Luther King Day, and on subsequent days until his release.
Obama's inauguration is being held on what is celebrated as Martin Luther King Day in the US, after he was already sworn in yesterday, in a double ceremony that has happened only once before in the country's history.
Paul described civil rights hero Martin Luther King as a "pro-communist philanderer" and labelled America's annual Martin Luther King Day commemorations as "Hate Whitey Day".
Swansea-based Jenkins, who is famous for his works The Armed Man and Adiemus, was asked to write music to mark Martin Luther King Day in America.
So majestic was the man's mission that the third Monday in January is Martin Luther King day in the USA.
If a user types "Martin Luther King Day" into the search engine, she will see fairly high up what her contacts on Google+ have said about the holiday.
Le Roy and Alexander's Birmingham visit was organised by the US embassy and the Drum Arts Centre in Aston to coincide with today's Martin Luther King Day, celebrating civil rights in America.
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