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MUEUMaruti Udyog Employees Union (India)
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The union at that time, the Maruti Udyog Employees Union (MUEU) placed three initial demands: (a) revision of the production incentive scheme in place of the one ended in March 1999, (b) implementation of pension package agreed upon in the previous wage settlement on 1 April 1996, and (c) a new wage settlement for all regular employees in place of the one expired on 31 March 2000 (Das 2011)
Their very right to exist as the Maruti Udyog Employees Union otherwise would have been undermined, if the 'good conduct undertaking' had been accepted.
In August, 2005, the Maruti Udyog Employees Union (MUEU) sought the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's intervention to resolve several issues with Suzuki management since the Suzuki management had summarily dismissed 24 Union activists without holding any enquiry, another 36 after ex-parte enquiry, and 32 more for not signing the improper and illegal undertakings imposed by the management.