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Masad, E.; Saadeh, S.; Al-Rousan, T.; Garboczi, E.; Little, D.
Christie and Masad analyze the role of State Formation and Identity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by bringing together an impressive compilation of papers presented at the 13 th Mediterranean Research Meeting.
While borrowing the form from UNESCO's database, pharmaceutical companies, as well as national organizations (FBI, Masad, local police departments, Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence etc.), and international groups (WHO, IMPACT, Interpol) can update this database upon their findings.
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The Israeli army also arrested Fadaa al-Zughebi, Mohammad al-Zughebi, Abdallah al-Afif, Alam Masad and Jafar Abu Salah in Jenin, and Mustafa Nakhla in Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah.
Texas A&M at Qatar Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Docter Eyad Masad, said, "This agreement emphasises the strong commitment of Texas A&M in Qatar toward promoting worldwide cooperation in exploring new research opportunities important to the development of Qatar and its economy."
Leila Masad, head of PR at Waseela, said: "Our participation at GITEX this year aims to send a strong message to the market about the size and level of our commitment to the MENA region.
The UAE boasts of a cosmopolitan population comprising of people from across the globe (Masad, 2008).
(176) See, e.g., Mohammad Masad, Dubai: What Cosmopolitan City?,
In 2003, decades of lobbying for a safe location where hundreds of patients could be treated at any given time were answered with the completion of underground hospital facilities, says Masad Barhoum, MD, CEO of Western Galilee hospital-Nahariya.
"There's no routine here," said Eyad Masad, the assistant dean for research and graduate studies on A&M's Qatar campus.
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