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angustifolia aciculated dry branch pellets (Figure 1C) showed a slight mass loss rate untill the temperature reached approximately 200[degrees]C, followed by a small increase at temperatures lower than 300[degrees]C.
The freeze-thaw resistance of SFRELC was experimentally studied and comprehensively evaluated by the indexes of the mass loss rate, relative dynamic modulus of elasticity, and relative flexural strength.
Numbering Diameter Destructive Compressive (mm) load (kN) strength (MPa) [S.sub.1] 50 17.9 18.14 [S.sub.2] 50 20.4 20.79 [S.sub.3] 50 19.7 20.08 [S.sub.4] 50 19.2 19.57 [S.sub.5] 50 19.2 19.57 Arithmetic mean 19.63 TABLE 4: Mass loss rate of active magnesium oxide carbonized block after freeze-thaw.
Figure 2 shows that in the low temperature range (210-470[degrees]C), the mass loss rate of C.
Seepage instable duration, T, total mass loss, [m.sub.p], as well as mass loss rate, [m'.sub.p], of the 150 tested samples under different Talbols, n, and pressure gradients, [G.sub.p], were obtained and analyzed below.
In that study, MUFs containing APP could significantly improve the fire retardancy of MDF by prolonging ignition time and reducing the heat release rate, total heat released, and mass loss rate. The MUFs also had good water resistance, low formaldehyde emission, low cost, and a long storage period (Zhu et al.
The prepared whole low-volatile oil was subjected to five successive cooling-heating cycles, while mass loss and mass loss rate (or vapor pressures calculated via Equation (1)) of the oil were tracked continuously.
Since our grid was originally created for modeling AG Car (including elemental abundances adopted from [19]) which has a higher mass loss rate than MWC 930, we can only roughly constrain the mass loss at [??] = (4 [+ or -] 1)[10.sup.-5] [M.sub.[dot encircle]] [yr.sup.-1].
The x-coordinate is the mass loss rate of reinforced concrete and the y-coordinate is the change in the peak value (first wave peak value before corrosion subtracted from the first wave peak value after corrosion) of the UGW first wave.
It was observed that there is an obvious mass loss rate peak in the DTG curve for both the MMT and OMMT addition at the temperature range of 70-100[degrees]C.
For RPUF, the addition of DPTP significantly reduced the heat release rate, total heat release, smoke release rate, total smoke release, and average mass loss rate. Moreover, the addition of DPTP significantly increased the LOI value of RPUF.